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Brushmarker Pro Brush Pen Set - 12 Flower Colours

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A thematic set with 12 floral-inspired colours. 

Karin BrushMarker PRO brush pens are a great choice for lettering, doodling or creating watercolour effects in your planner or journal. They are available in a range of vibrant colours and can also be blended to create limitless colour combinations!

  • BrushMarker PRO pens each contain 2.4ml of non-toxic, water-based ink.
  • Colour intensity is maintained to the last drop due to the special 'liquid ink' technology.
  • Super durable Japanese flexible nylon brush tip. 
  • Lighten colours, blend colours or create tonal transitions by contacting the tips of the markers together or using a blender pen.
  • Ink is either dye-based (regular colours) or pigment-based (neon colours).
  • Store your pens with the cap on and the tip facing up. 
  • Colours included - Sulphur Yellow 269, Orange Red 051, Fire Red 092, Red 209, Lipstick Red 181, Rose Pink 168, Magenta Red 170, Burgundy 075, Cerise 375, Magenta 359, Red Lilac 358, Pale Violet 247.