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Brushmarker Pro Brush Pen Set - 12 Skin Colours

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A thematic set with 12 skin-tone colours. 

Karin BrushMarker PRO brush pens are a great choice for lettering, doodling or creating watercolour effects in your planner or journal. They are available in a range of vibrant colours and can also be blended to create limitless colour combinations!

  • BrushMarker PRO pens each contain 2.4ml of non-toxic, water-based ink.
  • Colour intensity is maintained to the last drop due to the special 'liquid ink' technology.
  • Super durable Japanese flexible nylon brush tip. 
  • Lighten colours, blend colours or create tonal transitions by contacting the tips of the markers together or using a blender pen.
  • Ink is either dye-based (regular colours) or pigment-based (neon colours).
  • Store your pens with the cap on and the tip facing up. 
  • Colours included - Almond 216, Blush 172, Pale Orange 357, Soft Peach1 200, Soft Peach2 201, Pale Pink 220, Ochre 552, Rose Wood 272, Sandstone 174, Praline 385, Henna 105, Sepia 074.