Guest Blogger: #Bujo Camping Fun with Rox Paper Stickers!

This month we've been thinking about journaling outdoors, taking our journals on holidays and different ways to use our journals! We sent our new FREEBIE Outdoor Adventure washi tape to our guest blogger Roxanne (AKA @roxpaperstickers) and oh my gosh!!! We were so excited to get these beautiful, camping inspired, #Bujo spreads back!! 

I LOVE CAMPING, and man was I excited to do this theme! Throwback to 2019...*Insert dreamy music here*

After spending 2 years kitting out our 4WD for outback travel, my husband and I hit the road for an adventure of a lifetime. We had planned the ultimate road trip around Australia. A five-month, big lap of this beautiful country of ours allowed us to experience camping like never before. The delicious campfire meals, the endless stars, the excitement of exploration... paired with bush toilets, mosquito armies and many flat tires – it was a journey to remember. Equipped with a makeup bag that became my BuJo carry-all, I was determined to document our expedition for the ages.

Rox Paper Stickers Camping Bujo WashiGang

So here I am today, still inspired by that journey. The Tombow Dual Brush Pens in Secondary Colours is a perfect palette for a camping theme with it’s earthy browns and forest greens. I also used Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen to colour in the night sky. The archival ink of this brush pen is great because it allows you to doodle in white stars that don’t get washed out.

Rox Paper Stickers Camping Bujo WashiGang

When you’ve been camping for 5 months, you get REALLY good at creating camp games! Camp Bingo is kid-friendly and super easy to play. I loved using Green Watercolour Gingham Washi Tape and the new Outdoor Adventure WashiGang FREEBIE washi tape when creating this fun spread!

Rox Paper Stickers Camping Bujo WashiGang

We all know that packing for vacation is all about storage efficiency, whether it’s trying to pack half your wardrobe or half your stationary supplies! So, instead of carrying bulky rolls of washi tape, I use these plastic sample cards (I got these off eBay) to take more with me! Makes it easy to whip up a Weekly spread just like this one. Plus, the Forest Story Stickers is easy spread decoration!  (Or you could use the Kitta pre-cut washi tape cards for light storage.) 

Rox Paper Stickers Camping Bujo WashiGang Blog

Start a ‘Camping Essentials’ list and never forget a thing the next time you go camping! The Clear Stamps: Checklist is perfect for this. Personally, I can’t live without insect repellant (‘Bushmans’ brand FOR THE WIN!), a hot cuppa on those cool mornings and a good playlist.

Rox Paper Stickers Camping Bujo WashiGang Blog

Finally, my ultimate tips for an enjoyable camp:

  1. Practice setting up your tent at home:Nothing is worse than arriving at a campsite late in the afternoon to have to set up a fiddly tent whilst the mozzies have their suckers at the ready. Get good at setting up your tent fast!

  2. Find your minimum comfort level:Whether its bringing your good pillow for a good nights sleep, or your favourite coffee, or a big cosy jumperdont skimp on a few creature comforts.

  3. Leave the campsite as you found it:Respecting the people that come after you as well as protecting our beautiful outdoors, take your trash with you. Extra points for picking up others forgotten litter too!

Rox Paper Stickers Camping Bujo WashiGang Blog
Well that was an inspiring guest blog!! Thank you Roxanne! We can't wait to journal our next adventure. Will you take your journal on your next outdoor adventure, family camping trip, or holiday? Are you a camper or a glamper? 

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