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WashiGang Journal

Have you ever had a creative block? Creative block can be a challenging hurdle when you normally love to be creative. We've researched some tips on how to spark your creativity and overcome creative block. Read on for 7 Steps to Overcome your Creative Block.
We have so many great sticker books in the WashiGang shop! We stock a range of popular and independent sticker brands, including Happy Planner, Peter Pauper Press, Live Love Posh, Mojo JojoPlans, KellofaPlan, Rongrong, Pipsticks and many more! We're always searching for unique sticker books to add to the shop, filled with all of your favourite stickers! These are our top 10 sticker books for 2022!
Oh my gosh! We are so excited to interview Icy AKA for our blog this week. We're huge fans of on Instagram and love their gorgeous bujo spreads and calligraphy art!!! Icy is a calligraphy and bullet journal artist/teacher from Sydney who creates beautiful flowing calligraphy and bright (but moody) bujo spreads that really make us so happy! We hope you enjoy getting to know Icy as much as we have! Read on for our interview with Icy
Spring is here in Australia! Oh my goodness did that feel like a long winter!!
We're ready for the warmer weather, picnics and bush walks and all of the flowers! What do you like to do in spring? Read on for our spring staff picks and spring journal prompts!
Is it really September, already???
We're so excited for SPRING and the warmer weather that it will bring! Get ready for all of the floral washi tapes & stickers filling our planners and journals. What's on your Spring Bucket List?
There are lots of fun new things happening at WashiGang in September! Read more to find out what's happening this month!
With Father's Day just around the corner, we've created a gift guide for all of the stationery loving Dad's! Do you know a Dad that loves to stay organised? Loves to sketch and is super creative? Or maybe you know a Dad that is super goal driven! We've got plenty of gift ideas for you!
Hi WashiGang Crew! This week we're testing and reviewing our favourite brush pens in the shop! Brush pens are great for calligraphy, hand lettering, sketching, art drawing, colouring and doodling! Read more to find out our 7 Best Brush Pens for 2022 and see our latest pen test video on Youtube!

A pet journal is a space where you can journal about your pet, record special memories about your pet, track your pets habits and keep important dates. You can write a journal entry about your pet, or write daily, weekly or monthly about your pet! The journal can also contain photos and drawings of your pet, information about your pet and fun stickers and washi tapes that relate to your pet. 

Keeping a pet journal is a great way to keep special memories of your pet and your time together.

There are lots of fun new things happening at WashiGang in August! Read more to find out what's happening this month!
We've been thinking it's time to find some more activities to do at home that are calming, mindful and creative! Instead of binging tv and scrolling our phones ALL THE TIME, we're having a bit of screen free time this month. We've also heard that screen-free time before bed can help you sleep better! Are you keen to join us for some Mindful Activities at home?

Here are our top 10 Mindful Activities to do at home!
Hi WashiGang Crew!
With this wintery weather, there's a special feeling in the air! It's the perfect time for snuggling on the couch, journaling, binging Netflix, baking, drinking cosy beverages and Christmas in JULY!!!

Have you ever noticed how some of our favourite sticker books from America and the UK have a different season to us? And when it's Christmas time, there are lots of snowy themed Christmas stickers to be found! Well that's why we love Christmas in JULY! It's a great time to use all of your winter and snow themed stickers and washi tapes in our journals and planners (while it's actually cold)!
Want to add lots of fun stationery to your life, but funds are tight? We've got some budget tracking and saving goal tips to help you! Have you ever tried a budget tracking bullet journal before? Budget tracking in your bullet journal is a great way to track your spending, plan your budget and save for the things that you love to do!! Have a read through our latest blog to help you with your stationery saving goals!