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WashiGang Journal

Oh my gosh!! We are so excited to share this interview with you all. If you're into doodling, then you would have heard ofDoodles by Sarah AKASarazorel on Youtube! Sarah is also the author of one of our favourite books in the WashiGang shop, The Art of Doodle Words, by Sarah Alberto. Read on to find out what Sarah's daily routine entails, tips on doodling for beginners and what it's like to have such a big following on YouTube! 

With Christmas in July just around the corner, we thought we'd share a few prompts for creating a fun spread in your Planner or Journal! 

There's something about a winter Christmas that is SO MUCH more fun than a summer Christmas. We're all used to seeing Christmas movies, with snow, fire places roaring, cozy winter activities, baked goods and warm drinks... why not bring a little festive cheer to the Australian winter season, we say!! 

This month we're running a Hygge challenge with our monthly WashiGang planner & journal spread competition #MyWashiGangJulySpread - We are challenging our WashiGang community to schedule in a little Hygge time into their weeks. To help with the planning, we've put together a Hygge bucket list for you to enjoy!
Yay!!! We're so excited for another guest blog post with planner babe, Anges Plans! This blog post fits so perfectly with our Cozy at Home #MyWashiGangJulySpread and Hygge challenge! Take notes, WashiGang crew! 
This month, with the colder weather, we're thinking all about staying Cozy at Home! Have you heard of the word Hygge, before? Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) is about finding deeper meaning within ordinary life and establishing a meaningful, mindful connection with the world. Hygge is not about grand gestures, but rather, embracing little luxuries everyday in order to foster a sense of familiarity, comfort and kinship. How lovely. 
We did an interview with one of our favourite new designers, Alison, AKA "A little idiot." We are all so obsessed with Alison's super cute washi tapes, featuring bold and colourful designs, cute characters and fun patterns. We hope you enjoy getting to know the maker behind "A little idiot" washi tapes.
Do you ever write in your journal outdoors? There's something about journaling outdoors in the fresh air, in nature, that just feels so good! WashiGang team member, Emily, loves to take her journal outdoors as a way to unwind, 
"I love taking a picnic blanket to a scenic view and doodling the afternoon away! Or even sitting outside at a cafe is a real change of scenery and gives me a new perspective when writing in my journal! I just find that the ideas flow more easily."
This month we've been thinking about journaling outdoors, taking our journals on holidays and different ways to use our journals! We sent our new FREEBIE Outdoor Adventure washi tape to our guest blogger Roxanne (AKA @roxpaperstickers) and oh my gosh!!! We were so excited to get these beautiful, camping inspired, #Bujo spreads back!!
How fun is our brand new Camping themed FREEBIE washi tape?!! There's something about the cooler weather that makes us want to snuggle up in a tent and sit around a campfire with marshmallows!!! It's also a beautiful time of year, with such clear skies, to see the stars at night. SO DREAMY! 
We were wondering, has anyone tried using the clear stamps before? Do you enjoy using stamps in your planners and journals? Or have you been too scared to try them, because you weren't sure how to use them? 
Welcome back to our guest blogger, Anges Plans!! Read on for Ange's Happy Planner - Skinny Planner and Wild at Heart reviews, brain dumps and tips on creating the perfect pairings. We love Ange's stunning colourful layouts and beautifully styled content, she certainly has a talent for pairing colours!!! 
We're not sure about you, but we've really been needing some motivation, lately! So we've come up with a few Tips & Tricks and Staff Picks to help you stay on top of your planning, study, work and life balance!!! 

WashiGang team member, Bec, planned a month of study/work/life, using the new Happy Planner release, Out for Adventure, Student Sticker Book. We've come up with a few tips for planning using a monthly planner layout. We recommend picking a sticker book/colour scheme and a monthly planner layout before you get started.