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Read our latest blog to find out the benefits of drawing as an adult, tips to improve your drawing skills/confidence and 10 drawing prompts to get your creativity flowing.
When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? This year, we predict that letter writing is making a come-back! Start your new year off by writing a letter!

Letter writing is a mindful activity that will improve your mental health by easing feelings of loneliness and isolation. Connecting through letter writing is also a great way to strengthen friendships and family bonds, or make new friends. Writing letters often will help you to improve your writing skills and offer a creative outlet for you to share stories, feelings and decorate your letters. Letter writing allows you to be creative in many ways from practicing your hand writing and lettering, writing creative stories, poetry and conversations, or giving you a space to add drawings, stickers, wash tapes and creative decorations.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Congratulations, you made it to 2023!
We are so excited to bring you a new year of stationery goodness!!!

Along with the new year comes the opportunity to try new things, form new habits and start fresh! What new things would you like try in 2023? Do you have any New Years Resolutions or goals this year?
We'd like to send you a HUGE thank you for all of your support this year!

Our WashiGang office will be closed from Friday 23rd December - Monday 9th January. It's your LAST CHANCE to order before the holidays! Order before 9am AEST Friday 23rd of December, to have your order shipped before the holidays! All orders placed during the holidays will be shipped starting from the 10th of January. 
The holidays are near and we're excited!!! But it's also been a BIG year and we're feeling a little burnt out. How about you?

It's important to manage your stress and care for yourself during the holidays, so we've put together a list of ways to care for yourself during the holiday season.
Hi WashiGang Crew! With the holiday season upon us and many of us planning trips away, it's the perfect time to start a travel journal! Keeping a travel journal is a beautiful way to store precious memories of your holidays, write, reflect and keep track of the places you've been.

Read our blog for info on how to start a travel journal, what supplies you'll need and prompts and tips for keeping a travel journal!
We're almost at the end of the year and what a big year it has been!
Our warehouse will be closed from Friday 23rd Dec - Monday 9th January. All orders placed during this time will be shipped from Tuesday 10th of January. If you'd like to have your orders for the holidays, make sure you get them in before Thursday 22nd of December!

Read more to find out what's happening at WashiGang this month.
2023 is almost here and it's time to choose a new planner for the new year! We've got the run down on the best planners for 2023! Find out which planner is for you!
To make gift shopping a little easier for you this year, the WashiGang team have taken time to think about the best stationery gifts for your stationery loving friends and family members.

If you have a stationery lover in your life, but you're not sure what to gift them, we've picked 5 essential gift ideas. It can be so hard to pick a gift that you will know someone will use and enjoy. That's why these gift ideas are all items that are useful and essential items that will be appreciated by any stationery lover.
Gift giving can be so stressful at this time of year! We worry about getting the wrong gift and disappointing someone, about money and budgets and consumerism. However, gift giving can be a lovely way to share holiday cheer and treat your loved ones. Gift giving is also one way to express love and gratitude towards the special people in your life, boost your confidence and happiness.

Well, not to fear - we're here to make gift shopping easier this year with our Gift Giving Tips for Stationery Lovers and our Staff Gift Guide.
We're getting ready for Christmas and the New Year at WashiGang this month. The shop is getting stocked up with Christmas themed stationeryfor all of your Christmas planning, wrapping, gift tags and more. To help with your holiday shopping, we're adding lots of stocking stuffers and gift guides to the shop! Read more to find out what's happening this month!
Lately, we've been hearing from our WashiGang customers that it's hard to find YouTube Channels that are from Australia & New Zealand. Living in the Southern Hemisphere, means that our planning & journaling style can be a little bit different. Especially when it comes to the SEASONS! We've got a hot Christmas holidays at the beach and a mid-year winter and Halloween time is always SPRING and there are no pumpkins about.

We've found a bunch of super talented Australian & New Zealander Bullet Journal YouTube Channels for you to subscribe to!