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❤️ Happy Planner Sticker Mystery Packs are Back! SHOP NOW! ❤️
Happy New Year from the WashiGang team!

Happy New Year from the WashiGang team!

Happy New Year 2024Happy New Year from the WashiGang team! 

We made it!!! Thank you SO MUCH for all of your support in 2023. We couldn't have done it without you. Seriously! It's been a roller coaster of a year for many small businesses and we feel so lucky to have such an amazing stationery loving community around us! We can't wait to see all of the fun stationery that 2024 holds for us all!!! Stay tuned! 

2024 journal page layouts and headings5 Journal Prompts for 2024! 

To kick off the new year, here are 5 journaling prompts to start your 2024 journal! 
1. List 3 new things that you'd like to try in 2024.
2. Describe 1 new habit that you'd like to start in 2024.
3. List 5 goals that you'd like to achieve in 2024.
4. Brainstorm 10-20 words that describe the energy you want to bring to 2024. Reflect and choose one word to represent the intention that you'd like to bring to the new year. 
5. What are you looking forward to in 2024? 

Have a go at our 2024 date headings for your journal or planner!

staff stationery picks for 2024Staff Picks for 2024! 

Here are a few of our staff favourite stationery items for the new year! We each picked a bunch of stationery items that we'd like to have for the new year. Here's what we came up with...

Check out our latest collection of staff picks for 2024 in the shop!

staff picks for 2024Emily's 2024 Picks! 

Emily picked stationery for organisation, all of the fun socks and cute dog stickers!
Emily's Staff Picks: 
1. Sophie Grace Creates Journal
2. Cute Dog Stickers
3. Sarasa R Gel Pen Set - Bouquet
4. Oh, Laura Daily Planner Notebook
5. Mossery Mixed Media Sketchbook
6. Hangry Socks
7. Shhh...I'm Overthinking Socks
8. Anna Seed Art Vinyl Stickers

News Years Resolution:
Doing the things without waiting for the right time or perfection. Giving new things a go. 
Word: Bravery. 
New Habit: Get back to regular rollerskating and daily exercise! 
Try Something New: Experimenting with some new art projects!
Looking Forward to: Finding a new place to live in! 

staff picks for 2024Bec's 2024 Picks! 

Bec picked a collection of purple and yellow stationery with a witchy/bookish theme!
Bec's Staff Picks: 
1. Apothecary Sticker Book
2. The Quirky Cup Collective Practical Magic Stamps
3. The Quirky Cup Collective Reading Journal
4. Self Love Club Vinyl Sticker
5. Stand Up Pencil Case - Yellow
6. Jubly-Umph Socks
7. Turtles Soup Moonlight Moths Vinyl Stickers
8. The Quirky Cup Collective Tote Bag

News Years Resolution: Stick with Mindfulness Exercises!
Word: Breathe.
New Habit: I want to keep up with daily stretching. 
Try Something New: Going to Bali for a family holiday. 
Looking Forward to: Looking forward to 2 family weddings next year. 

staff picks for 2024Shannon's 2024 Picks! 

Shannon picked craft supplies and cute cat and garden themed stationery!
Shannon's Stationery Picks:
1. Cat Vinyl Sticker
2. Reversible Cat Clip
3. Slow Journal
4. Red Parka Bee Socks
5. Typoflora Houseplant Stickers
6. Caterpillar Pencil Case
7. Art of Mindfulness book
8. Storage Crates

News Years Resolution:
 Self Care: resting more, exercising more, relaxing more, being off phone more. 
Word: Joyful.
New Habit: To do some form of movement or exercise every day.
Try Something New: Starting a personal instagram account. 
Looking Forward to: Finishing the patio at our house so that I can start to fill it with plants and creating my outdoor relaxation zone. 2024 stationery picksShop more staff stationery picks for 2024 here!

New Year - NEW FREEBIES!!!! 

Our new freebie washi tapes for January have arrived! When you spend over $75AUD at WashiGang you'll get one of our pets & books themed washi tapes with your order (after shipping and before discounts) during the month of January! Which one is your favourite? free washi tape

We also have a fun and free download pack for you to print out!! This month's free printable includes: Bookmark Templates, 2024 Goals Page, Daily Planner Page, Book Review Page, Habit Tracking 30 Day Challenge page!  
We hope you enjoy! Download yours here!
free 2024 printable new year
Don't forget! Our online shop is open and filled with stationery goodies, but we're all away on holiday!! All orders placed over the holidays will be shipped from Tuesday, 16th of January 2024. 

Thank you again for all of your support in 2023! We can't wait to show you what we have in store for the new year. xo The WashiGang team! xo

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