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WashiGang Journal

The New Year is almost here and we've picked a few of our top 5 favourite planners for 2022! Read on for a little run down about why these planners are our favourites! Not sure what kind of planning style you'll have next year or what your intentions are for 2022? That's ok, these picks might even inspire you to start new!
Are you a lettering buff? Or maybe you're keen to get started with hand lettering? 
We've made a collection of goodies to help you on your lettering journey. TheWashiGang shop is filled to the brim with Lettering Essentials
Here are a few of our favourite WashiGang Lettering Essentials:
Hi WashiGang Crew!
How are we this close to the end of the year? Did 2021 even happen? 
With many of our WashiGang community around the country, in and out of lockdown, it's been quite a hard year to plan for! However, we're still persisting in our planners and journals and taking each week as it comes! And when all else fails, we're using all the stickers. Use all the stickers! Stop saving them! (Guilty sticker saver right here...) 
Spring is here! And so is our hay fever! That doesn't mean we can't have fun and enjoy all of theflower stickers! (Stickers don't give you hay fever!) 

The WashiGang team picked some fresh flower stickers just for you! These are a few of our staff faves. Which ones are your favourite? 

There are many benefits to journaling about books we love, read and hope to read! Are you a book lover? We've been thinking about the benefits of journaling about books, including, noticing your own reading patterns and personal interests, gaining a deeper understanding of the books that you read, learning about and recording new words, sayings and topics, making the books that you read more memorable and of course, a way to love books even more!!! 

Read on for the benefits of journaling about books, journaling prompts for book lovers, team WashiGang's reading list and our fave stationery products for book lovers. 

We're not sure about you, but we've really been needing some motivation, lately! So we've come up with a few Tips & Tricks and Staff Picks to help you stay on top of your planning, study, work and life balance!!! 

WashiGang team member, Bec, planned a month of study/work/life, using the new Happy Planner release, Out for Adventure, Student Sticker Book. We've come up with a few tips for planning using a monthly planner layout. We recommend picking a sticker book/colour scheme and a monthly planner layout before you get started. 
With Mother's Day just around the corner, we've put together a few things to make gift shopping (for yourself or a mother in your life) a little easier! Read below for our special promotion, our staff picked gift guide and a beautiful recipe plan by WashiGang team member, Bec!
There's something about the cooler weather that's making us feel a bit witchy! Maybe it's all of the extra baking and rainy weather? What do you think?

With our latestAutumn witchy vibes freebie tapes just released, we asked WashiGang team member, Emily, to hunt around the warehouse for her favourite witchy finds!!! There are so many magical and mystical witchy products in our shop, it was so hard to decide on just a few!!! Can we all please run away to Hogwarts and drink butter beer and have a pet owl, already??? 

Autumn is here and we’re getting excited for the cooler weather!!! Finally!!! How beautiful is Autumn in Australia? Clear blue skies, cooler days, camping trips, getting into some cosy snacks and clothes…and let’s not forget all of the chocolate that comes with this time of year!!! 

To help you get in the mood for autumn, we’ve made up a fun Autumn bucket list of fun Autumn themed activities. What are your favourite things to do in Autumn? Let us know in the comments.

We've noticed how much you're all enjoying floral STICKERS lately, so we've picked a bunch of our favourite floral stickers, just for you! 
Love is in the air, every time I look around! Hehe... 
A few of our staff members have been getting a little bit excited about all of the love and romantic themed products we have in the shop at the moment...(mainly Emily). So with Valentine's Day just around the corner...and a little romance in the air, we thought we'd pick a few of our favourite ROMANTIC products! 
Hi Gang! We have so many good things coming to WashiGang this year!! We can't wait to show you all of the fun goodies we have in store for you. Lot's of fun books, brush pens for you to try, new notebooks and planners, and of course ALL of the cutest washi tapes and stickers we can find!!!