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Best 2023 Planners & Journals!

Best 2023 Planners & Journals!

2023 is almost here and it's time to choose a new planner for the new year!

We've got the run down on the best planners for 2023! Find out which planner is for you!

Best 2023 Planners and Journals
Benefits of having a paper planner over a digital planner:
If you spend a lot of time in the digital world for your work, ie on your phone and computer, having a paper planner can be a great way to be more mindful & present when planning.

The unlimited creativity that comes with a paper planner can help you to honour and enjoy your planning process. The creative process can help your planning process to become more memorable and interesting. With a paper planner, you have the option to add decorations such as washi tape or stickers, use different coloured pens, hand lettering and doodling! You have the option to create your own planning style, incorporate your creative flare into your planning and make creativity a part of your weekly routine.

A paper planner doesn't require access to the internet or electricity! Your personal information is not at risk of being hacked, leaked or lost due to technology issues.

Which Planner Should I Get?

Benefits of a Dated Planner:
If you feel overwhelmed by your schedule and to-do list, a dated planner will help you to stay organised and accountable for your important tasks.  Using a planner helps us make sure our essential tasks get done first and create a sense of accomplishment. A dated planner includes the dates and months, so that you won't lose track of any deadlines or important appointments, making planning easy!

Dated planners are great if you need to regularly schedule appointments and deadlines and look at your week or month at a glance to see what's coming up. Dated planners are designed to give you more structure, in a way that's easy to use.

Benefits of an Undated Planner:
An undated planner can give you more flexibility! Undated planners are useful if you have an unconventional schedule, like a freelancer, student or events planner, where you can sometimes have super busy weeks and quiet down time during other periods. If your schedule isn't the same day-to-day, you can use an undated planner to organise your busy weeks without wasting pages on your quieter weeks. You can also use an undated planner as a space to work on side projects that are separate from your day-to-day schedule, such as creative pursuits, classes, fitness goals and separate business ideas etc. With an undated planner, you can customise the timeline and calendar to your projects needs and when you are available to work on the project.

Which planner is best suited to your planning style?

Do you like to write? Do you need a daily to-do list? Do you need to schedule appointments and deadlines? Would you like a guided journal to help you change habits and reach goals throughout the year? Read more about our best 2023 Planners & Journals below to find out which planner is best suited to you:

Best 2023 Planners & Journals!

DreamyMoons 2023 journal DreamyMoons 2023 Year of Growth Book

Made for dreamers, writers & creatives - a diary with a focus on mindfulness, astrology, gratitude, intention setting, self reflection, creativity and personal growth.

This book has dated weekly pages with space for daily writing & gratitude and weekly intention setting & reflections. Each month includes a monthly calendar and overview, monthly intention setting and monthly astrology readings. You will also find new moon & full moon readings and journaling pages, moon rituals and self love prompts, as well as a lunar phases calendar (for both hemispheres).

A5 size, 120gsm pages (can handle ink, gel pens & markers).
Cloth bound cover with gold foil embellishment and gold gilded page edges.

Shop the DreamyMoons 2023 Year of Growth Book here!

DreamyMoons 2023 Daily Planners
DreamyMoons 2023 Daily Planners

Made for planners & go-getters - for those who want to achieve their daily goals, while allowing time for self care.

The 2023 Daily planner is a day-a-page planner with a focus on time management, motivation, organisation and getting it all done. Each page is dated and includes space for your to-do list, self care prompts, a daily affirmation, space for note taking and priorities. There is also a yearly & monthly calendar overview & monthly priorities.

B6 Size, 100gsm pages.
Cotton cloth cover with gold foil embellishment and gold gilded page edges.

Shop the DreamyMoons 2023 Daily Planner here!

Mossery 2023 Undated Refillable Planners
Mossery 2023 Dated Refillable Planners

A planner for scheduling, monthly habit tracking and to-do lists.

This planner is dated from January-December 2023. Includes a 2023-2024 calendar, 2023 monthly overview pages, 12-month monthly calendar, a monthly habit tracker, review & plan section, a dated weekly planner. Choose from a horizontal or vertical planner layout.

The horizontal layout is suitable for day to day journaling, with space for both scheduling and creative expression. The vertical layout is more orientated towards scheduling, such as hourly overviews, notes and to-do lists.

A5 Size, with 100gsm bright white, FSC-Certified paper made in Italy.
Available in a Horizontal or Vertical Planner Layout.
Pages are refillable, so you can reuse your planner cover.
Planner pages lay flat when opened to 180 degrees.
Suitable for most fountain pens, brush pens and ballpoint pens.
Available in a range of cover designs.
Plastic sleeves are available to protect the cover.

    Shop the Mossery 2023 Dated Refillable Planner here!

    Mossery 2023 Life in Progress Booklet
    Mossery 2023 Life in Progress Booklet

    Perfect for those who wish to discover their path in life and set goals to work towards. A great addition to any Mossery Planner.

    The 16 page booklet includes prompts on finding your purpose, defining your core values, envisioning your future, self-reflection, goal setting and building routines and habits.

    This skinny, lightweight booklet is designed to slip inside your Mossery planner cover, for those that wish to delve a little deeper into their yearly planning.

    Shop the Mossery 2023 Life in Progress Booklet here!

    Happy Planner 2023 dated planners
    The Happy Planner 2023 Jewel Tone Jungle Big & Classic Dated Planners

    The Big 12-month planner from The Happy Planner has a horizontal layout and includes dated monthly calendars and weekly spreads. While the Classic 12-month planner from The Happy Planner has a vertical layout and includes dated monthly calendars and weekly spreads. We love the Jewel Tone Jungle Collection. These Happy Planners are filled with tropical illustrations. 

    We recommend the vertical classic planner for your week-to-week scheduling, to-do lists, appointments and time management. The vertical layout includes 3 daily boxed spaces that can be divided into morning, afternoon, and evening, or between work, school, and personal activities.

    The big vertical planner is great for journaling & memory keeping, goal setting and reflection. The horizontal layout has daily lined box spaces where you'll be able to write out important plans and priorities for the day.

    Shop the Jewel Tone Jungle Collection here!

    Mini 2023 Dated Happy PlannerThe Happy Planner 2023 Dated Mini Dashboard Planner

    Perfect for keeping your schedule, appointments and to-do list on hand, the Mini Cyanotype Dashboard Planner is portable and easy to use and includes dated monthly calendars and weekly spreads.

    The MINI size Happy Planner is ideal for the busy planner. Throw it in your bag and take it wherever you go. Take notes and write reminders as you make your way through a busy day. It's great for school, meetings, appointments, and traveling.

    The dashboard layout includes a section to list errands, grocery lists, bills, and to-dos while the right side has boxed spaces for daily reminders or plans. This design was created for list makers who like to see their weekly priorities at a glance.

    11.75 x 17.75cm.
    12-month planner dated from January-December 2023.
    This planner comes with sturdy laminated covers and plastic discs. The disc-bound system allows you to add/remove pages and personalise with snap-in accessories.
    12 dividers featuring cyan botanical prints.

    Shop the Mini Cyanotype Planner here!

    The Happy Planner Big Undated Dashboard Planner
    The Happy Planner Big Undated Dashboard Planner

    This 12-month planner comes undated and can be started at any time of the year. It's also ideal if your schedule changes regularly and you're not always needing a dated planner every day. It comes in a dashboard layout that allows you to see your weekly priorities at a glance. This BIG size planner has optimum space for daily planning and scheduling!

    The dashboard layout is perfect for list makers with sections for to-do lists and weekly prioritisation. See your week at a glance with this side by side layout.

    The BIG sizes gives you plenty of room to write your ideas, goals and set intentions for the year, along with your schedule and to-do lists.

    Shop The Happy Planner Big Undated Dashboard Planner here!

    Yusuke Yonezu Undated Illustration Diary Yusuke Yonezu Undated Illustration Diary

    An undated journal for writing a few lines per day, with different illustrations on each page. This diary would be great as a daily planner, gratitude journal or daily reflections, etc. There are so many possibilities for this cute journal!

    Measures 130mm x 180mm.
    200 pages, 382 days worth of diary entries.
    Artwork by Japanese illustrator Yusuke Yonezu - every page is unique!
    Durable hardcover.
    Imported from Japan.

    Shop Yusuke Yonezu Undated Illustration Diaries here!

    Compendium Undated Weekly PlannerCompendium Undated Weekly Planner

    This undated, skinny, light weight weekly planner, features a weekly layout page, with a space for note taking. It's perfect for keeping appoints, to do lists, tasks and notes.

    This simple planner layout is perfect for taking with you on the go and keeping track of your appointments and to-do list.

    12cm wide x 20.4cm tall.
    Softcover with wire binding and gold foil detail.
    104 pages.
    Undated so you can start anytime.

    Shop Compendium Undated Weekly Planners here!

    Clap Clap Undated Weekly PlannerClap Clap Undated Weekly Planner

    A minimalist soft cover planner for all of your basic scheduling and planning needs. These planners are slim and easy to take with you on the go.

    This planner includes undated weekly, monthly and yearly calendar pages, weekly layouts, weekly space for note taking and 58 grid pages at the back of the notebook.

    What makes the Clap Clap planners unique is their pink grid pattern pages and grid pattern spaces. The grid spaces could be used for habit tracking, graphs, tables or note taking. Each planner is accentuated with gold silkscreen designs that have a designer aesthetic.

    12.5 x 18cm.
    192 pages.
    80gsm FSC Certified acid free paper.
    Soft cover with rose gold foiling.
    PUR binding.

    Shop Clap Clap Planners here!

    Keen to browse our whole planner collection? We have so many different planners available in the shop, shipping from Australia!
    Shop Dated Planners
    Shop Undated Planners

    Stay tuned for our new release of Undated Happy Planners launching soon!

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