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Plan a Happy Life with The Happy Planner by Me & My BIG Ideas! The Happy Planner is a customisable disc-bound planning system that combines your need for organisation with your love of creativity.

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Plan a Happy Life.

The new book + collection from The Happy Planner creator Stephanie Fleming.

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Happy Notes

The same disc-bound system you know & love, in notebook form! Happy Notes are the perfect addition to your planner lineup.

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Guided Journals

Start your journaling journey with a Happy Planner guided journal - the pre-printed prompts make it easy!

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Buy a Happy Planner for a Joyful Life 

Stay on top of your life’s antics with The Happy Planner from Me & My BIG Ideas! The Happy Planner is a customisable disc-bound system that combines your need for organisation with your love of creativity.


New diary, new you – buy your Happy Planner now 

There is nothing more satisfying than a fresh new notebook at the start of the year. The Happy Planner is a fantastic tool for living a modern, organised life. Reach your goals and feel inspired with a planner that’s made to support you.

If you are like us, you’ve already started mapping out events and tasks two months in advance! Our range is perfect for getting on with those tasks. If thinking about a life without a diary sends you in a spin, you have found the place that will set you back on your path.


Organise your life with Australia’s most beautiful stationery 

For all those organisation lovers who like to run a tight ship 24/7, your best friend is here! Organisation is all about the joy of staying on track with important dates and tasks. A Happy Planner disc-bound dated design is best suited for you to focus on the bigger picture and forecast for the future.

We also understand that, for some, it’s less about getting everything down to a tee and more about floating through the breeze of ideas and tasks. Creative heads with lots of ideas are not so focused on the dates, but prefer to lose themselves in finding inspiration. We stock beautiful undated options especially curated for you.


Get your hands on this adorable range

Whether you use to stay organised or as a form of self-care, we have an option perfect for you. Me & My BIG Ideas’ Happy Planners are available in various sizes, themes and styles to fit on any desk or in any bag. They are your go-to best friend to keep you afloat in the ocean of chaos.

Get this popular product now – we’ll mail it right to your doorstep, anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.