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Plan a Happy Life with The Happy Planner!

Planning just got happier with our collection of Happy Planner planners, notebooks, stickers & accessories, designed to bring joy and organisation to your everyday life. With a range of layouts as well as themed planners for different areas of your life, a Happy Planner is your perfect companion for staying on top of your schedule, setting goals, and embracing a life filled with positivity.

Happy Notes

Happy Notes

Combine your love of The Happy Planner and note taking with the Happy Notes collection, a delightful range of notebooks designed to spark creativity, capture imagination, and embrace the joy of writing. Happy Planner notebooks have a wide variety of page styles, themes, and uses.

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Happy Planner Guided Journal

Guided Journals

Time to reflect with a Happy Planner guided journal. These journals are designed to guide you on a transformative journey of reflection, goal-setting, and embracing your authentic self. Each guided journal offers a unique theme and prompts that encourage introspection and intentionality.

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Don't forget the stickers!

Add a decorative touch or extra function to your daily planning with The Happy Planner stickers, where creativity and organisation come together in perfect harmony! With a variety of options to choose from including sticker packs and sticker sheets, these stickers are the perfect companions to adorn your planner, journal, or crafts.

Create a custom planner unique to YOU!

The beauty of the disc-bound system is that you can easily add accessories to create the perfect setup tailored to your unique needs. Shop filler paper, extension packs, dashboards, bookmarks and more to add functionality and personality to your planning experience.

New Planner, New You!

There is nothing more satisfying than a new planner at the start of the year (or anytime you feel like a fresh start). The Happy Planner is a fantastic tool for living a modern, organised life. Reach your goals and feel inspired with a planner that’s made to support you.

Organise your life with The Happy Planner

For all those organisation lovers who like to run a tight ship 24/7, your best friend is here! Organisation is all about the joy of staying on track with important dates and tasks. A Happy Planner disc-bound dated design is best suited for you to help you stay on track and embrace a life filled with positivity, productivity, and purpose.

If you prefer the flexibility and freedom to start your planning journey at any time of the year, then an undated design may be for you. With our undated planners, every day is a fresh start on the path to a more organised and fulfilling life.

Get planning today!

Whether you use a planner to stay organised or as a form of self-care, we have an option perfect for you. Me & My BIG Ideas’ Happy Planners are available in various sizes, themes and styles to fit on any desk or in any bag. They are your go-to best friend to keep you afloat in the ocean of chaos. Get this popular product now – we’ll mail it right to your doorstep, anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.