Brighten your pages with our highlighter pens

Popular with kids and business people alike, highlighters are great for keeping things organised. But if you think that they’re just for making text stand out and helping kids manage their studies, think again.

Mildliners are used for a whole list of creative tasks, adding a pop of colour to your spreads.

Mainly used to mark important passages of text, this essential study tool is an effective way to illuminate notes, given their thick, fluorescent ink. By channelling your inner creative geek, you can use this to colour code and make beautiful headers in your bullet journal.

Add colour into your life with our stunning highlighter pens

Whether you’re preparing notes for a test, work presentation or even a creative arts project, WashiGang has a variety of vibrant highlighter pens to choose from that are perfect for creating something that will stand out.

Our latest collection of Mildliners will blow you away. They have a range of incredible features, with a huge choice of colours, two-side tips and durable water-based ink. If you love expressing yourself in different but distinct ways, then look no further. You can use these for designing, hand-lettering, bullet journaling or marking notes for your next exam, just the way you like it.

Need to mark a thin sheet of paper but worried about the bleed-through? Don’t worry – these Mildliners will show up softer on your paper than ordinary highlighters, leaving no impression behind on most paper types. You’ll also love the convenience of having a double-ended tip. The bullet tip is perfect for journaling or hand lettering, while the chisel tip is perfect for creative applications like underlining, circling or writing notes.

The best part about our collection is that it is mildly water-resistant, acid-free, AP certified, non-toxic and made with archival quality. The translucency of the ink also makes it easier to layer on for your desired opaqueness.

Simplify. Organise. Create.

Here at WashiGang, we deliver right around the country, straight to your doorstep. Order now to get rewards redeemable on your next purchase.

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