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Archer & Olive Is Back at WashiGang - SHOP NOW! ✏️
Archer & Olive Is Back at WashiGang - SHOP NOW! ✏️

Packaging Tape

Welcome to our collection of fun and playful packaging tapes straight from Japan! Our packaging tapes are not just ordinary tapes, they are here to bring some colour and cheer to your packages and parcels.

We have a range of designs that will suit any occasion, whether it's birthdays, holidays, or just a fun surprise for your loved ones. From cute cats to fun florals, our packaging tapes will turn your mundane packages into a fun and exciting surprise for the receiver!

Our packaging tapes are not just pretty, they are also durable and strong. They are perfect for securely sealing your packages while also adding a touch of personality to them.

At WashiGang, we believe that packaging is just as important as the content itself, and our playful packaging tapes will make sure that your gifts and packages are well-received and memorable.

So why settle for plain and boring packaging tapes when you can add some fun and playfulness to your packages? Shop our collection of packaging tapes today and make your next package the talk of the town!


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