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Ahoy! 'Beyond the Sea' by Archer & Olive is now available!
Ahoy! 'Beyond the Sea' by Archer & Olive is now available!

Classic + Skinny Classic Happy Planners

Our Classic Happy Planners are a classic for a reason. This popular planner size has the perfect amount of space for writing, planning, and prioritising projects. Fit it in your bag or plan with it at your desk.

What planner layout do I choose?

For those who prefer a vertical layout, our weekly vertical planners offer a structured design that allows you to plan your days in neat columns. This layout provides a clear overview of your appointments, to-do lists, and priorities, helping you stay focused and productive. 

If you crave a more dynamic experience, our dashboard layout is just what you need. This side-by-side layout will help you see all your weekly priorities at a glance and brings a touch of creativity to your planning routine, making it a delight to open your planner each day.

For a detailed and comprehensive approach, the daily layout is perfect. With dedicated sections for each day, you can track your tasks, priorities, and personal reflections, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. Stay organised and in control as you navigate your day with ease.

Embrace the bigger picture and plan ahead with our monthly layoutThis spacious design includes monthly overview pages, providing a clear snapshot of your month at a glance. Need to get something done? Use the bullet list pages to organise your to-do's each month. Take the stress out of daily planning and plan by the month instead!

Don't forget the stickers! 

Add an extra dose of joy and functionality to your Happy Planner with our extensive range of accessories including punches, discs, stickers, fill paper and more. The beauty of the disc-bound system is that you can customise your planner to suit YOU! Add note paper where you need it, section off your planner with dashboards or bookmarks, or decorate with washi tape and stickers to create a planner that will inspire you each and every time you open it! 

Shop Happy Planner's in Australia now!

So, dive into our collection of Classic Happy Planners and discover the layout that suits your planning style. Whether you prefer the structure of the vertical layout, the creativity of the dashboard, the detail of the daily, or the big picture view of the monthly, our Classic Happy Planners are here to help you stay organised, motivated, and inspired.