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These 10 stationery essentials are clever stationery items that are designed to make your life easier and help you to save time. If you're looking for stationery that's effective and efficient, we've got the best stationery gadgets that you'll love having in your collection. Read on for 10 Time-Saving Stationery Essentials:
If you're like us, you love collecting super cute memo pads, but you're not sure how you'll use them. The other issue is that our memo pads are so cute, they're often too cute to use! Using a cute memo pad in your day to day, is a sure-fire way to make you smile and brighten your day. Did you know that memo pads can be a handy tool in your daily life?

We've put together a list of 10 ways to use your memo pads, as well as a few of our fave memo pads to use!

One of our latest new bullet journals to arrive in the shop are a beautiful new range from a brand called Stationery Island!

We've done a few pen tests in these and we're happy with the results! We can't wait to show you our review on Stationery Island Bullet Journals. Read on to find out more about Stationery Island Bullet Journals and why we love them.

Read our latest blog with reviews on our favourite 10 guided journals for self care, as well as 10 journaling prompts for self care.

A guided journal is a healing way to check-in with yourself, reflect and work through the challenges in your life. Journaling can also help to reduce anxiety and stress, process your thoughts and build more self-awareness.  Guided journaling can help you to change negative thought patterns and encourage a more positive outlook in your life, including improving your confidence, gratitude and acts of self-care. Plus, it's cost effective - all you need is a pen and journal! 

2023 is almost here and it's time to choose a new planner for the new year! We've got the run down on the best planners for 2023! Find out which planner is for you!
We've been getting a lot of questions about Dot Grid Journals lately! What are they and what do you use them for? To help you out, we've written a blog all about Dot Grid Journals, why we use them, what to look for when buying a dot grid journal and how to use them! Read on for all of our tips!
We have so many great sticker books in the WashiGang shop! We stock a range of popular and independent sticker brands, including Happy Planner, Peter Pauper Press, Live Love Posh, Mojo JojoPlans, KellofaPlan, Rongrong, Pipsticks and many more! We're always searching for unique sticker books to add to the shop, filled with all of your favourite stickers! These are our top 10 sticker books for 2022!
Hi WashiGang Crew! This week we're testing and reviewing our favourite brush pens in the shop! Brush pens are great for calligraphy, hand lettering, sketching, art drawing, colouring and doodling! Read more to find out our 7 Best Brush Pens for 2022 and see our latest pen test video on Youtube!