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10 Ways To Use Memo Pads!

10 Ways To Use Memo Pads!

Hi WashiGang crew!!

If you're like us, you love collecting super cute memo pads, but you're not sure how you'll use them. The other issue is that our memo pads are so cute, they're often too cute to use! Using a cute memo pad in your day to day, is a sure-fire way to make you smile and brighten your day. Did you know that memo pads can be a handy tool in your daily life?

We've put together a list of 10 ways to use your memo pads, as well as a few of our fave memo pads to use!

You can also shop our full range of memo pads and sticky notes here! 
10 ways to use memo pads

10 Ways to use Memo Pads!

1. An in place reminder! Remember your wifi password by keeping a memo near your computer. Need to remember your lunch from the fridge? Use your memo pad to leave a note next to your car keys so you don't forget your lunch. In place reminders can be a great way to trigger your memory if you keep forgetting to do the thing! (Like bring your lunch to work).

Use a memo pad for reminders

2. Add a memo pad page to your planner or journal to highlight an important task, reminder, quote, affirmation, priority, etc... Use our glue tape to stick it down, or get creative with other collage elements such as washi tape, stickers and patterned paper.

3. Distraction eliminator! Use your memo pad to jot down distracting ideas and thoughts to help stop them from taking you off task, when you're trying to focus. Take out your memo pad, write down the idea and get back to focusing.

4. Add a sweet note to your loved ones lunch box as a little reminder that you care for them. You could also add a note to their wallet, the fridge or bathroom mirror. A hand written note can be a nice surprise and is more personal than a text message.

Use a memo pad to write a love note

5. A communication device! Need to pass on some info to someone that you don't necessarily want to have your phone number or contact details? For example maybe at a conference, work meeting or networking session? Or maybe at school drop off or at a cafe? Tear out a memo page to write a note to share a business, instagram account, book or service that you recommend.

6. Use a memo pad sheet as a window or door in your planner or journal. Add a strip of washi tape to the top and you've got yourself a hinge. What's behind the window or door? That's up to you! Maybe you can cut a hole in the middle so that you can see through to the other side, or maybe it's a secret message that only you can see when you open it.

7. Write a passive-aggressive note to your partner, teenager, housemate or co-worker! Memo pads are the perfect size for leaving an annoying little reminder for someone in your life. Here are a few examples of annoying messages that you can leave: "Don't forget to do the dishes!" "Organise all of the new Happy Planner or you're fired!" or "Laundry goes in the laundry basket." etc...

8. Use your memo pad as temporary storage for daily lists such as your chores list, to-do list or grocery list. It's easy to take a page with you on the go and handy to have a list with you that you can check back on often without taking out your phone each time!

Brain storming with memo pads9. Use them for brain storming ideas by yourself or in a group. Write a different idea on each page and put all of your ideas together at the end to compare their similarities and differences. Maybe you can arrange them in order, group them into similar ideas or order your ideas from high priority to low priority. Having all of your ideas in a more tangible setting will help you to think about the bigger picture. 

10. Use your memo pad to jot down important info while you're on the phone! It's often a bit of a fumble to write down important info while you're on the phone. Especially if you're in a space where you can't put your phone on speaker.

Shop Cute Memo Pads!

Here are a few of our fave memo pads to add to your collection:

Cute Memo Pads to add to your collection
1. Flower Life Memo Pad - Tulip
2. Animal Die-Cut Memo Pad - Relaxed Cat
3. Resfeber Memo Pad - Peacock
4. Me Time Memo Pad - Cats
5. Michikusa Series Memo Pad - Rabbit & Clover
6. Mindwave Forest Series Memo Pad - Gentle Breeze
7. Animal Die-Cut Memo Pad - Panda

Shop our full range of memo pads and sticky notes here!

Do you use your memo pads, or do you save them because they're too cute/pretty?  We also like using memo pad pages as a book mark, for collaging in our journals, to jot down notes and ideas on the go and for personal reminders! How do you like to use your memo pads? Let us know in the comments!

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