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10 Journal Prompts for the Home!

10 Journal Prompts for the Home!

Does your home need a little love and attention? Making your home feel like a safe, cozy and comfortable place can be a process! It can even be a little overwhelming trying to work out where to start. We came up with 10 Journal Prompts for the Home to help you organise and make your home a happy place!

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10 Journal Prompts for the Home

These journal prompts are to help you reflect on how your home feels, how you'd like it to feel and how you can incorporate some changes to make your home feel more comfortable. This doesn't necessarily mean needing to have a big budget or needing to buy new designer home wares, it's more about working out how your home feels to you and what kinds of things you can do to make your home feel better. It might mean having a nook that's just for your planning & journaling, putting up more photos of family and friends, or de-cluttering your kitchen cupboard to make your home feel more comfortable.

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(Via @judy.studies on instagram)

When thinking about creating a space that you love, think about other homes that you've visited or seen and what you like about them. Try not to compare the things that you have, but the FEELING that you get when you visit or see a home that you like. Is it that everyone spends a lot of time sitting in the kitchen chatting? Or, are there lots of comfortable areas to read books? Do you like how they have their favourite records on display? Are they really good at storage/decluttering and being in the space makes you feel relaxed. 10 Journal Prompts for the Home
1. How does your home feel to you right now?
2. Where do you feel most safe? What is it about that space/place/person that makes you feel safe? Is there a way that you can embody that feeling in your home?
3. What room of the house is your favourite? Why is it your favourite?
4. How would you like your home to feel? What mood comes to mind when you think of this feeling?
5. Does your home feel cluttered or sparse? What would make it feel more balanced? (For example would more storage and organisation help?)
6. Do you have a space in your home that feels like your own special space? If not, can you imagine one?


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7. Describe your dream aesthetic. Does your home reflect this aesthetic? What are some ways that you can incorporate this style into your home more?
8. What kind of life do you dream of living and how can you organise your home to reflect this?
9. Can you think of a friend or family members home that you really like, what is it about their home that you like the most? (The company, the plants, the space, the style, the organisation etc)
10. List 3 things that you're grateful for about your home! What are your favourite things about your home?

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Thanks for reading! We hope this helps you to reflect on your home space and journal all of the ideas and dreams for your home! Have you ever used journaling to help you with your home organising? What room of the house do you like to journal in? Let us know in the comments!

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