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WashiGang Journal

We're so excited to have Kobi (AKA @pagesbykc) join us again for another guest blog! Kobi has been cooking up a storm and has put together a few tips on recipe organising for us all. Recipe planning is a great way to keep treasured family recipes, fave finds from the internet, recommendations from friends and to try new things in the kitchen. Read on for Kobi's recipe planning tips and tricks:
Have you ever thought about trying meal planning? It’s actually a great way to save time, stick to a budget, try new recipes, stop food waste and enjoy what you’re cooking! Having a plan can help reduce the stress of making a meal, so that you have more time to enjoy it! 

We've done some research on meal planning and have collected all of the tips to help you on your way to easy breezy meal planning! 

New to Happy Planner

A bit confused about all of the different options and trying to work out which Happy Planner is right for you? We’ve got you covered! Let’s break it down!

Hi Gang! Have you used a Memory Keeping Journal before? We love the idea of treasuring our special photos and memories in a journal, but sometimes it can seem overwhelming wondering where to start. We're so excited to introduce our guest blogger, Kobie (AKA @pagesbykc ) who is an absolute pro at documenting special memories, from family holidays and travel details, to documenting her daughters important life events! Read on for Kobie's tips and tricks on using a Memory Keeping Journal!

There are many benefits to journaling about books we love, read and hope to read! Are you a book lover? We've been thinking about the benefits of journaling about books, including, noticing your own reading patterns and personal interests, gaining a deeper understanding of the books that you read, learning about and recording new words, sayings and topics, making the books that you read more memorable and of course, a way to love books even more!!! 

Read on for the benefits of journaling about books, journaling prompts for book lovers, team WashiGang's reading list and our fave stationery products for book lovers. 

Today we're celebrating National Book Lovers Day! As we're all book lovers in the WashiGang office, we thought we'd celebrate for the whole week! Are you a book lover, too? Have you ever thought about starting a reading journal to keep track of what you've been reading? 

We thought we'd kick off National Book Lovers Day witha guest blog on how to start and write a reading journal, from our favourite WashiGang crew book lover, Library of Kate! Yay!! Library of Kate is the master or reading journals and she has some great tips to get you started.

With Christmas in July just around the corner, we thought we'd share a few prompts for creating a fun spread in your Planner or Journal! 

There's something about a winter Christmas that is SO MUCH more fun than a summer Christmas. We're all used to seeing Christmas movies, with snow, fire places roaring, cozy winter activities, baked goods and warm drinks... why not bring a little festive cheer to the Australian winter season, we say!! 

This month we're running a Hygge challenge with our monthly WashiGang planner & journal spread competition #MyWashiGangJulySpread - We are challenging our WashiGang community to schedule in a little Hygge time into their weeks. To help with the planning, we've put together a Hygge bucket list for you to enjoy!
Yay!!! We're so excited for another guest blog post with planner babe, Anges Plans! This blog post fits so perfectly with our Cozy at Home #MyWashiGangJulySpread and Hygge challenge! Take notes, WashiGang crew! 
Do you ever write in your journal outdoors? There's something about journaling outdoors in the fresh air, in nature, that just feels so good! WashiGang team member, Emily, loves to take her journal outdoors as a way to unwind, 
"I love taking a picnic blanket to a scenic view and doodling the afternoon away! Or even sitting outside at a cafe is a real change of scenery and gives me a new perspective when writing in my journal! I just find that the ideas flow more easily."
We were wondering, has anyone tried using the clear stamps before? Do you enjoy using stamps in your planners and journals? Or have you been too scared to try them, because you weren't sure how to use them? 
Welcome back to our guest blogger, Anges Plans!! Read on for Ange's Happy Planner - Skinny Planner and Wild at Heart reviews, brain dumps and tips on creating the perfect pairings. We love Ange's stunning colourful layouts and beautifully styled content, she certainly has a talent for pairing colours!!!