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How to Create a Vision Board in Your Journal!

How to Create a Vision Board in Your Journal!

What's on your vision board for 2024? Creating a vision board in your journal is a fantastic way to visually manifest your goals and dreams for the new year. Here are some ideas and steps to guide you through the process:How to create a vision board in your journal

How to Create a Vision Board in Your Journal:

  1. Create a Dedicated Section:

    • Reserve a specific section in your journal for the vision board. This can be a few pages or a two-page spread, depending on the size of your journal.

  2. Choose a Theme:

    • Decide on a theme for your vision board. It could be related to personal development, career, relationships, travel, or any other aspect of your life. Or you might pick a theme word, colour or image that represents your year. 
      2024 Vision Board
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  3. Gather Materials:

    • Collect materials such as magazine and newspaper clippings, patterned paper, printed images, tickets and stamps, drawings, stickers, washi tape or any other visuals that resonate with your chosen theme.

  4. List Your Goals:

    • Before adding visuals, jot down a list of your goals and aspirations for the year related to your chosen theme. This will guide your image selection.
      Vision Board Ideas
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  5. Cut and Arrange:

    • Find images and words that represent your goals and arrange them on the pages. Be creative and intentional about the layout and spacing of your page.

    • Create a collage-style arrangement to craft your vision board together using glue tape, stickers and washi tape to secure your images. 

  6. Include Inspirational Quotes:

    • Integrate inspirational quotes that resonate with your goals. Write them directly on the pages or incorporate them within your collage elements.
      2024 vision board ideas
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  7. Use Stickers to Enhance:

    • Incorporate stickers that align with your goals and theme. They can add a pop of colour, emphasise certain aspects, or simply make your vision board more visually appealing.

  8. Add Personal Touches:

    • Include personal photos or mementos that hold significance to your goals. This adds a more personalised touch to your vision board.
      Vision board ideas 2024
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  9. Incorporate Affirmations:

    • Write affirmations that correspond to your goals. These positive statements can reinforce your belief in achieving what you desire.

  10. Reflect and Revisit:

    • Regularly revisit your vision board to reflect on your goals and progress. Update it as your aspirations evolve or when you achieve certain milestones.
      2024 vision board ideas
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Check out some of our themed categories on the website to find stickers and washi tapes to fit your vision boards!

Your vision board is a personal representation of your aspirations, so feel free to get creative and make it a reflection of your unique style and dreams! 

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