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10 Sticker Prompts for your Journal!

10 Sticker Prompts for your Journal!

Calling all sticker collectors!! This blog is for you.

If you're like us and LOVE stickers, but are unsure how to use them, then keep reading! This blog is filled with ideas for how to decorate your journals with stickers. Using your stickers shouldn't be scary, it's all about having fun with self-expression, colour and creativity!

Whether you're a seasoned sticker aficionado or just starting your collection, these prompts are designed to infuse your journal with personality and charm.

Here are 10 prompts for using stickers in your journal. Let's get sticker happy!!!
10 Sticker Prompts for your Journal!

10 Sticker Prompts for your Journal!

Prompt 1: Collage Extravaganza

Create a vibrant collage using a mix of stickers. Choose a theme that resonates with you—whether it's travel, nature, or nostalgia—and let the stickers tell a visual story across your journal spread. Shop our vintage style stickers for collaging here. 

Prompt 2: Vision Board

Create a vision board page in your journal of your aspirations through stickers. Select stickers that represent your goals and aspirations that you want to embrace for the month. Add dot point goals and inspiring quotes. stickers for collage

Prompt 3: Rainbow Page

Add a burst of colour to your journal by creating a rainbow of stickers. This is a fun way to colour coordinate your favourite stickers in a rainbow of hues. A perfect activity for the the perfectionist! 

Prompt 4: Mindful Mandalas

Embrace the therapeutic benefits of mandala creation. Arrange circular sticker patterns to form beautiful mandalas, promoting relaxation and mindfulness in your journaling practice. mood tracking stickers

Prompt 5: Mood Tracker

Create a Mood Tracking sticker chart using one sticker each day to represent your mood for the day. Check out one of our favourite sticker books from Pipsticks So Many Feelings Stickers for a whole book of mood related stickers.

Prompt 6: Favourite Sticker Page

We often create swatch pages for our favourite washi tapes, but do you do this for your stickers? Keep a record of your favourite sticker sheets, brands and sticker materials by creating a double page spread recording all of your favourite stickers. It's also a fun way to keep your fave stickers together! 

Prompt 7: About Me Sticker Page

Create an about me page using stickers to answer your questions! Add questions such as your favourite foods, animals, hobbies, activities, time of day etc as a fun alternative to a regular about me page. garden stickers

Prompt 8: Sticker Garden

Cultivate a sticker garden by designing a page that resembles a blooming botanical paradise. Use floral, plant, and nature-themed stickers to create a lush and vibrant garden within your journal. Don't forget to add a butterfly or two. Shop our floral and plant stickers here. 

Prompt 9: Retro Revival

Take a trip down memory lane by curating a retro-themed spread. Combine vintage-inspired stickers to evoke the charm of bygone eras, infusing your journal with a nostalgic aesthetic. Add notes about your fave memories from your childhood and teens. What kinds of music were you listening to and shows were you watching? Check out our retro themed stationery here! retro stickers

Prompt 10: Sticker Gratitude

Express gratitude creatively using stickers. Dedicate a page to the people, moments, or things you're thankful for, adorning it with stickers that represent the essence of your gratitude. This is a place to use your most loving and sparkly stickers. 

sassy and sweary stickersBonus prompts:

Prompt 11: Cranky Sticker Page

Keep a sticker page (or two) for when you're having a bad day for some much needed sticker therapy. This is your chance to use your grumpy and sassiest stickers like our Inner F*cking Peace sticker book and sassy themed stickers. 

Prompt 12: Sticker Review

Review a sticker from each sticker sheet or sticker book in your collection. 
Give a 5 star rating, include details about the texture, paper type and special details such as the illustration style, gold foil elements etc. 
stickers for your journal
If you STILL haven't had enough sticker decorating, why not decorate your belongings with stickers? Add stickers to your notebook covers, planners, and more. Try our transfer stickers for a seamless sticker experience. Or try our weatherproof and waterproof vinyl stickers for decorating your water bottles, keep cups, lunch boxes, phone covers, laptops, ipads etc. 

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to using stickers—let your creativity flow freely. Share your creations with fellow journal enthusiasts, and don't forget to tag us on social media @washigang with all of your fun sticker creations. Happy journaling!

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