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Sticker Organisation Tips

Sticker Organisation Tips

Hello sticker collectors!!! 
Sticker collecting is a fun and colourful past time that brings many hours of joyful decorating, journaling and planning. However, with great sticker collections comes great responsibility! 

Where do you keep your stickers? Do you store them all together? Do you have a categorisation system? What do you do with all of the half used packs of stickers? Organising and displaying your stickers is another way to enjoy them and makes it easier to find what you're looking for when you're in the sticker happy sticking zone. 

Read on for tips on how to organise your beautiful sticker collection, as well as our favourite sticker storage options!

The Best Sticker Storage Options

1. Otona Sticker File
This slim lined sticker file has 20 clear storage pockets, so you will be able to display 40 sticker sheets inside. Or store multiple bundles of stickers in each clear storage pocket. It also includes an elastic band to keep your stickers secure.

This sticker file is a perfect small size for taking your stickers with you in your bag or on the go and has a protective hard cover. 

It can hold sticker sheets up to W105 x H217mm. This sticker organisation file fits our Mind Wave, Pipsticks, NB Co Japan, Turtles Soup, Pine Book Co, Furukawa Paper Works, Cherry Rabbit and Suatelier stickers etc. 

Shop the Otona Sticker File here!
2. Otona Sticker File Binder
The larger sticker file binder is wider than the sticker file, with 20 clear storage pockets and a binder style spine which means that you can easily replace or add more clear pockets. The sticker file binder is also customisable with optional pocket refills including refills to store flake and vinyl stickers. 

It's a great way to condense your sticker collection into one folder and store them on the shelf. The binder also has a hard cover that will protect your stickers if you like to transport them. 

It can hold sticker sheets up W139 x H212mm. This sticker organisation file fits our Mind Wave, Pipsticks, NB Co Japan, Turtles Soup, Pine Book Co, Furukawa Paper Works, Cherry Rabbit and Suatelier stickers etc.  As well as wider sticker sheets such as Postix and Typo Flora.

Shop the Otona Sticker File Binder here!
3. Postix Sticker Organisation Folder
The Postix sticker organisation folder has 25 clear A5 pockets and a ring style binder clip down the spine so that you can easily take out or move the clear pockets. The clear pockets also have a vertical opening near the spine to prevent your stickers from falling out of the top of the folder if you are carrying it around or in your bag. It also has a protective hard cover. 

This sticker organisation folder will fit stickers up to A5 size such as Postix, Pipsticks, Muchable and Little Lefty Lou sticker sheets. You could also store packets of flake stickers in the clear pockets. 

Shop the Postix Sticker Organisation Folder here!
4. Postix Sticker Release Book
This A5 book includes 10 blank sticker release pages which will hold your stickers and allow for easy removal when you're ready to use them. A sticker release book is also perfect for helping clear up sticker sheet clutter and storing any leftover sticker-sheet stragglers! Use this book to store your random loose stickers or your last stickers from sticker sheets. You can also categorise and easily find your one off stickers in this book. 

Shop the Postix Sticker Release Book here!
5. Removable Sticker Collection Book

This A6 spiral bound sticker book is just what you need for collecting and storing your favourite stickers and masking tapes. It includes 40 pages of specially treated paper that makes it easy to remove stickers once applied. Use this book to store your random loose stickers or your last stickers from sticker sheets. It's convenient size makes it perfect for popping in your bag, meaning your faves can always travel with you for planning and creating on the go! 

6. Collapsible Storage Crates 
Use our small and mini sized collapsible and stackable storage crates for storing your stacks of stickers or sticker storage books on your desk. 

The small crate will fit the Postix Storage Folder, Otona Sticker File Binder and Postix Sticker Release Book standing upright and the mini crate fits the A6 removable sticker collection book and Otona Sticker File standing upright. Or you could lay stacks of stickers in your crates and store your pens and washi tapes on different levels. 

Shop Collapsible Stackable Storage Crates here!

7. Clear Stamps Storage Folder
The BGM Clear Stamp storage folder has 8 plastic pockets for storing your clear stamps + an envelope in the back to hold a small acrylic stamping block. Keep all of your clear stamps together in one folder!

Shop the BGM Clear Stamp Storage Folder here!
8. Sticker Activity Book
If you like to collect stickers for the sake of collecting and simply enjoying stickers, then a more permanent option might be for you! The A5, spiral bound, sticker activity book has 73 blank activity pages just for using your stickers. Use this book to review, categorise and save your fave stickers in different themes and collections on each page. You don't need to be into journaling or planning to use your stickers, you can just simply enjoy sticking them on the page as a treasured memory of your fave stickers! 

Tips for Sticker Organisation: 

1. Categorise
Group your stickers based on themes, colours, brands, sizes. Whether it's cute animals, inspirational quotes, or vintage designs, categorising your stickers makes it easier to find what you need when you need it.

2. Storage Solutions
Invest in storage solutions tailored to your collection's size and diversity. Options range from sticker files, sticker binders and sticker books to stackable crates. Consider factors like portability, accessibility, and protection when choosing storage solutions.

3. Labelling
Labelling your sticker organisation system will enable quicker accessibility to the stickers you need. Clear labels prevent confusion and ensure that each sticker finds its rightful place. 

Try using these index tabs or page flags to help organise your stickers. 

4. Loose or Last Stickers
Transfer your loose or last stickers of the pack to a sticker release book

5. Customise Your Sticker Organisation
Try out different sticker folder inserts for different types of stickers.
The Otona Sticker File Binder has a range of refill options that are great for storing your vinyl or flake stickers.

6. Easy Access
Make sure your stickers are close to your journaling and planning station. If you journal on the go, perhaps a travel efficient sticker storage option is more for you. If you have a desk set up at home, you may consider storing your sticker storage books in a bookshelf, or in crates on your desk. 
Check out our whole range of stationery storage options here!

It feels amazing to declutter your space and make room for more creativity! We hope these tips have helped you to find some sticker storage solutions for your growing sticker collection. Let us know how you store your stickers in the comments! 

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