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How to Host a Stationery Party!

How to Host a Stationery Party!

Have you ever wanted to host a stationery party? Hosting a stationery party can be a fun and creative way to bring people together and celebrate the joy of all things stationery-related. Whether it's for birthdays, bridal showers, a work bonding activity or just a creative get-together, here's a step-by-step guide on how to host a memorable stationery party.How to host a stationery party

How to Host a Stationery Party! 

1. Planning and Preparation:

  • Choose a Theme: Decide on a theme for your stationery party. It could be something general like "Creative Stationery Extravaganza" or more specific, such as "Vintage Paper Delights."  More stationery party theme ideas could include: Journal lovers meet-up, a pen-pal club, collage journal party (share your paper supplies), sticker swap party, hand lettering workshop, reading journal book club, fountain pen enthusiast party, office supplies party, back to school stationery fun etc. 

  • Guest List: Determine the number of guests you want to invite and create a guest list.

  • Invitations: Send out creative invitations that reflect the theme and set the tone for the party. You can use stationery items like our super cute letter writing paper or sets! Print out your own invitations and add some stickers and washi tape that demonstrations the theme of the party for a personal touch. 

  • Venue: Decide on the location for the party. It could be your home, a local cafe, your workplace or even an outdoor space (like a picnic) if the weather permits. 

Stationery Party Invitations(Invitation ideas: Postcard, Nishi Shuku Letter Paper Pad, Miki Tamura 'Letter' Writing Set, Mini Letter Set - Fountain Pen Ink, Mini Letter Writing Set - Postage Cat. )

2. Decorations:

  • Stationery Display: Set up a charming stationery display with various items like notebooks, pens, pencils, stickers, and more. Use colourful tablecloths and decorative accents that match the theme. 

  • Creative Touches: Incorporate stationery elements into your decor, such as using paperclips as napkin holders, placing pencils in vases as centrepieces, or hanging banners made from colourful paper.

  • Set the Theme: Add props to set the theme. For example, a reading journal themed party might incorporate piles of books, candles and other dark academia themed decorations.

Book themed stationery(Party favour ideas: Washi Paper Journaling Sticker Pack - Vintage, Uni-Ball One 0.38mm Gel Pen - Cappuccino brown, BGM Little Shop Series Stickers - Book Store, Bibliophile Lapel Pin, Heart Shaped Bookshelf Vinyl Sticker. )

3. Activities and Workshops:

  • DIY Workshops: Plan creative workshops that involve stationery crafts. Ideas include making personalised notebooks, creating hand-lettered cards, designing bookmarks, or crafting paper flowers.

  • Letter-Writing Station: Set up a cosy corner with beautiful stationery, pens, and stamps for guests to write heartfelt letters or notes to each other.

  • Creative Games: Organise games like stationery-themed trivia, Pictionary using stationery items, or a scavenger hunt for hidden stationery treasures.

Letter writing station(Letter Writing Station: Check out our range of letter writing notepads here.  )

4. Food and Refreshments:

  • Stationery-Inspired Treats: Prepare or order snacks that fit the theme. Consider snacks shaped like pencils, cupcakes with miniature paperclips, and cookies with ink droplet designs.

  • Beverages: Serve drinks that match the colour scheme or theme. Consider having a "signature" drink for the event.

washi tape flags(Washi Tape cup cake flags via Omiyage Blogs, DIY Washi Tape Party Picks  )

5. Party Favours:

  • Personalised Goodie Bags: Prepare goodie bags for your guests filled with stationery items. Include a mix of pens, notepads, stickers, washi tapes, vinyl stickers, key rings or enamel pins etc.

Stationery themed party(Party favour ideas: Me Time Memo Pad - Stationery Elf, Colouring Stickers - Ink Bottles, Stationery Hoarder Vinyl Sticker, Stationery Elf Sticky Notes, Washi Lover Enamel Pin. )

6. Capture the Moments:

  • Photo Booth: Set up a stationery-themed photo booth with props like oversized pencils, paper cutouts, and quirky glasses. Guests can take fun photos on their phones to remember the event. 

  • Photographer or Photo Wall: Use a polaroid camera to create a photo wall where guests can take memorable photos to commemorate the event.

Party favour ideas(Party favour ideas: Pentel Hybrid Milky Gel Pen - Pastel Blue, Key Ring - The Silver Linings Fan Club, Picture Book Sticky Notes, Bird Sticky Notes. )

7. Create Memories:

  • Guest Book: Provide a guest book for attendees to share their thoughts, drawings, or messages about the event.

  • Shared Creations: Encourage guests to collaborate on a journal or artwork together, like a collaborative doodle or a shared journal. 

party favour ideas(Party favour ideas: Zebra Sarasa Gel Pen, Sweet Pink Mail Washi Tape, Cats Washi Tape, Relaxed Cat Memo Pad, Mini Letter Writing Set - Rabbit & Clover )

If you'd like to throw your own stationery party and would like some help picking your party favours, add a bunch of Surprise Gifts to your cart and let us know what they're for and the theme of your stationery party. We also have lots of fun stationery themed stationery in the shop here or book themed stationery here

Hosting a stationery party is all about embracing creativity and celebrating the joy of expressing oneself through paper and ink. Tailor the event to your guests' preferences and enjoy a day filled with stationery, crafting, and bonding over shared interests! 

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Rachel - September 22, 2023

This is such a great idea! I’ve been seriously thinking about having a stationery themed 50th Birthday Party. At this stage I think I might have two- one online for people too far to come in person, and a second smaller stationery party for people able to come in person.

Online we’ll probably have accessible games and I’ll mail the winners and runners-up flat stationery prizes. I love the idea of sharing exponential joy. It’ll be my Birthday (next year) and that’s what I love doing.

In person I hope to supply beautiful letter sets, stickers, washi tape, fountain pens, wax seals and maybe cards, and everyone can write to someone, or to a few people, to share love. We’ll have a beautiful cake and milkshakes, smoothies, cuppas and icecream. People can stay as long as they need. They can talk about who they’re writing to if they want, or just write.

Words of kindness, and giving gifts, are two of my main love languages. This would make me really happy, and hopefully lots of others too.

I love your ideas here. Wonderful! 🌈🧁♥️✨

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