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Ahoy! 'Beyond the Sea' by Archer & Olive is now available!
Ahoy! 'Beyond the Sea' by Archer & Olive is now available!
15 Washi Tape Ideas for your Journal!

15 Washi Tape Ideas for your Journal!

Washi tape is a versatile and fun tool to use in your journal. It can add colour, decoration, and organisation to your journal pages.  Here are 15 washi tape ideas for your journal.15 ways to use washi tape in your journal

  1. Decorate Empty Spaces: Decorate your journal entries with matching washi tape depending on the content, season or your favourite things! If you're not sure where to put washi tape, an easy way to use it is across the top or bottom of the page, or in page corners combined with stickers. Experiment with different combinations of washi tape by layering patterned washi tapes with plain colours, or stickers. Get creative by using washi tape to make geometric patterns, stripes, or other designs on your pages. washi tape bujo ideas

  2. Page Tabs: Use washi tape as page tabs for quick navigation. Fold a short piece of tape over the edge of a page, leaving a tab sticking out, and label it for easy reference. You can also create dividers that have different shapes. Or, create more subtle page dividers by applying washi tape along the edges of the page for a clean, polished look. washi tape page tabs

  3. Borders & Dividers: Organise your journal entries by using washi tape to create different sections for passages of text, days, lists, important notes etc. Create clean and simple divider lines between sections or entries on your journal pages. Use a strip of washi tape to separate different content, get creative and experiment with how you use washi tapes in different ways.washi tape borders and dividers

  4. Headings: Make key text or headings stand out by placing strips of washi tape alongside, above or underneath the text. This is an easy way to create a colourful and eye-catching heading. washi tape heading ideas

  5. Dates:  Use washi tape to create minimalist dates for your journal entries. Place a small piece of tape at the top of each page and write the heading or date on or around it. washi tape date headings

  6. Bullet Points: Create minimalist bullet points for your to-do lists or notes. Apply small squares or circles of washi tape as bullet points, and then write your tasks next to them. Use our washi tape dots for the perfect pre-shaped bullet points. washi tape bujo ideas

  7. Washi Tape Swatches: Organise and categorise your washi tapes by keeping a washi tape swatches page. washi tape swatchesWashi Tape Swatches:
    - Limited Edition WashiGang Groovy Floral Freebie Washi Tape
    - Girl of All Work Tea Cup Washi Tape
    - Girl of All Work Camping Washi Tape
    - Mister Moose Shop Blue Banded Bee Washi Tape
    - Pankeen New Holland Washi Tape - Light

    - Mister Moose Shop Outback Rainbow Australian Birds
    - Pankeen Aveline Washi Tape - Light Blue
    - Mister Moose Shop Wildlife Wonder (Australian Floral & Fauna)

  8. Calendar Grid: Design a minimalist calendar grid with washi tape to mark important dates or events in your journal. This can be a clean and organised way to track appointments. It's also a great hack if you don't love drawing grids. washi tape calendar bujo

  9. Fix Mistakes: Use washi tape to cover up your mistakes. Cover with a neutral tape and write over the top. Or create a decorative washi tape arrangement and start again. washi tape bujo ideas

  10. Banners: Create decorative or functional banners using washi tape. Use scissors to create different shapes. washi tape banners bullet journal ideas

  11. Use Number & Word Washi Tape: We have many functional washi tapes in the shop that are a great time saving hack for adding dates, days, numbers or important reminders to your journal. number and word washi tape

  12. Mood & Habit Trackers: Create grids, charts, or trackers using washi tape. This is especially useful for habit trackers or mood tracks. Using washi tape for your grids, charts and trackers is a great way to save time and add a creative flare to your journal. Habit tracker and mood trackers with washi tape

  13. Masking Tape: As washi tape is easily removable, it makes a great masking tape for painting, drawing and colouring in your journals. If you want to keep neat edges for blocks of colour or art works in your journal, lay down your washi tape to mark out the area that you wish to use. Once you've created your colour block or art work, gently peel off the washi tape for crisp and clean white edges around your creation! washi tape masking tape for art works

  14. Frames: Create frames for photos, sketches, or quotes using washi tape. This is an easy way to add a decorative touch to your journal. washi tape frames and borders bujo

  15. Scrapbook:  Use washi tape to create a collage on a journal page. It's a quick and easy way to add visuals to your journal entries. Add on sticky notes, memo pages, concert tickets, patterned paper, collage elements and layers of washi tape and stickers. Experiment with layering different tapes to create unique patterns and textures on your pages. washi tape scrap booking and collage

Check out our massive range of washi tape for using in your bullet journal! Choose from functional, grid, wide, skinny, die-cut, Australiana themed washi tapes and more.washi tape ideas for bullet journalingFor these examples we have used the following stationery:
- Scribble & Dot Journal
- Zebra Sarasa Push Clip Black Gel Pen
- Pilot Pop'lol metallic gold gel pen
- Zebra Mildliner pens
- Mister Moose Shop Blue Banded Bee washi tape
- Mister Moose Shop Outback Rainbow Australian Birds
- Mister Moose Shop Wildlife Wonder (Australian Floral & Fauna)
- Pankeen New Holland Washi Tape - Light
- Pankeen Aveline Washi Tape - Light Blue
- Girl of All Work Camping Washi Tape

Remember that washi tape is easily removable, so don't be afraid to get creative and experiment. It's a fantastic way to personalise your journal and make it visually appealing. Let us know how you like to use washi tape in your journal in the comments!

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