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Japanese Stationery Guide: Best Stationery Brands From Japan

Japanese Stationery Guide: Best Stationery Brands From Japan

Do you love Japanese stationery as much as we do? Step into a world of vibrant colours, adorable characters, and exquisite craftsmanship that will make your heart sing. From washi tapes to stickers, letter writing sets to pens, we've curated a selection of Japanese stationery that will make your stationery dreams come true.

Japanese stationery has a reputation for combining high standards, thoughtful design, and excellent quality. At WashiGang, we stock many Japanese stationery brands, so we thought we'd share some more about what makes them so special.Best stationery brands from Japan

Why is Japanese Stationery SO Great?

Japan has a long-standing tradition of creating beautiful and functional stationery items. From elegant writing instruments to sophisticated paper products, Japanese stationery has earned a reputation for quality and style.

Stationery has played an important role in Japanese culture for centuries. During the Edo period (1603-1868), paper and ink were considered valuable commodities, and writing was considered an art form. This reverence for stationery has endured through the ages and continues to shape the market today.

Best Stationery Brands from Japan:

Japan is home to many well-known stationery brands that are renowned for their quality and innovation. We proudly stock a wide variety of Japanese stationery brands at WashiGang. Take a look at some of our favourite brands!

    1. Furukawa Paper Works Co.: Furukawa Paper Works Co. is renowned for its exceptional quality paper products. Established in Gifu, Japan in 1835, Furukawa Paper Works Co, boasts a rich history in crafting Mino paper, a style of traditional Japanese paper with over a millennium of heritage. They deeply appreciate the beauty and potential of paper, seamlessly merging traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to create a delightful array of products featuring charming and artistic designs. Choose from a beautiful range of letter writing sets, paper packs, stickers, washi tapes, memo pads and sticky notes, featuring cute hand drawn illustrations, characters and patterns. Shop Furukawa Paper Works Co. here!Furukawa Paper Works Co
    2. BGM Japan: BGM Japan is a Japanese brand based in Tokyo, that specialises in high quality washi tapes, flake stickers, clear stamps and other fun items. Their stationery comes in a range of cute and functional options, with unique hand painted style designs and patterns. The products often feature cute characters, animals, beautiful scenes, with high quality washi paper and gold foil embellishments. Shop BGM Japan here!BGM Japan
    3. Mind Wave: Mind Wave, a renowned Japanese stationery manufacturer, is celebrated for its enchanting kawaii characters. Their diverse product lineup, featuring washi tape, stickers, letter writing sets, memo pads and sticky notes, is designed to infuse a touch of happiness into your everyday routine. Shop Mind Wave here!Mind Wave Japan
    4. Kokuyo: Kokuyo continues to excel in crafting practical and innovative stationery supplies. We stock a range of their dot liner glue tapes and non-stick scissors, made from high quality materials, all designed to simplify your journaling and crafting endeavours! Shop Kokuyo here!Kokuyo non-stick scissors
    5. Tombow: Tombow's dedication to perfection shines through in their range of high quality brush pens. These pens, cherished by calligraphers and artists worldwide, offer vibrant colours and versatile brush tips that bring art and creativity to life. Shop Tombow here!Tombow Brush Pens Australia
    6. Kuretake: Kuretake is synonymous with high-quality markers, pens and watercolours. Kuretake markers and watercolours come in a range of vivid colour palettes, made from a water-based pigment ink. Choose from Kuretake dot markers, craft scissors and water colour palettes. Shop Kuretake here!Kuretake Zig Dot Marker Pens
    7. Zebra: Zebra's commitment to innovation is evident in their pens. With a wide range of pen types and ink colours, Zebra pens cater to writers, note-takers, and artists alike, offering a smooth and enjoyable writing experience. One of our favourite pen brands at WashiGang, we all use the Zebra Sarasa Gel Pens and Zebra Mildliner pens daily! Shop Zebra here!Zebra sarasa gel pens
    8. Cozyca Products: Cozyca Products is an offshoot of Hyogensha, a Japanese stationery company with a mission to expand the reach of artists' creations. They collaborate with various Japanese artists to produce beautiful and unique stationery products, making sure to increase the accessibility and visibility of the artists' works and stories. Choose from a range of Japanese artists designs on letter writing sets, post cards, memo pads and washi tape. Shop Cozyca Products here!Cozyca products Japan
    9. Stalogy Stalogy is a distinguished Japanese brand renowned for its dedication to simplicity and functionality in the realm of stationery. With an ethos deeply rooted in minimalist design and high-quality craftsmanship, Stalogy has carved a niche for itself in the market. Their range of stationery items emphasise clean lines, uncluttered aesthetics, and user-friendly features. Shop our range of Stalogy notebooks and functional stickers here!Stalogy grid notebooks and functional dot stickers
    10. NB Co. Japan: NB Co. Japan, established in 1949, is renowned for its exceptional washi paper products and commitment to minimalist design. We particularly love their letter sets, memo pads & stickers! With a rich history in crafting premium washi paper goods, NB Co. Japan continues to be a trusted name in the world of stationery, offering timeless and elegant solutions for everyday needs. Shop NB Co. Japan here!NB Co. Japan Stationery

    Shop our full range of Japanese stationery here and find even more Japanese stationery brands to love and treasure! 

    Japanese stationery brands take pride in their commitment to quality, innovation, and design. Whether you're a student, an artist, a planner enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates beautiful stationery, these Japanese stationery brands have something special in store for you. With a rich tradition that dates back centuries, Japan continues to lead the way in stationery design and innovation. 

    We love bringing our favourite Japanese stationery brands to Australia. Let us know if there are any Japanese stationery brands that you'd like to see us stock at WashiGang! 

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