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WashiGang Journal

The New Year is almost here and we've picked a few of our top 5 favourite planners for 2022! Read on for a little run down about why these planners are our favourites! Not sure what kind of planning style you'll have next year or what your intentions are for 2022? That's ok, these picks might even inspire you to start new!

New to Happy Planner

A bit confused about all of the different options and trying to work out which Happy Planner is right for you? We’ve got you covered! Let’s break it down!

Oh my gosh!! We are so excited to share this interview with you all. If you're into doodling, then you would have heard ofDoodles by Sarah AKASarazorel on Youtube! Sarah is also the author of one of our favourite books in the WashiGang shop, The Art of Doodle Words, by Sarah Alberto. Read on to find out what Sarah's daily routine entails, tips on doodling for beginners and what it's like to have such a big following on YouTube! 
We did an interview with one of our favourite new designers, Alison, AKA "A little idiot." We are all so obsessed with Alison's super cute washi tapes, featuring bold and colourful designs, cute characters and fun patterns. We hope you enjoy getting to know the maker behind "A little idiot" washi tapes.
Hi WashiGang fam!!! We're big fans of Australian designed products over here, especially when they feature Australian native plants and animals. We interviewed Isabelle from Mister Moose Shop, the amazing illustrator behind some of our beautiful Australiana washi tapes! Read ahead to read a little about what goes on behind the scenes in Isabelle's life and where she gets her inspiration from.
You may have noticed some of Katherine Appleby's beautiful Australiana watercolour washi tapes in the WashiGang shop! Well today we're going to introduce you to the talented artist behind those washi tapes on our blog! We hope you enjoy getting to know a bit more about Kathy in this interview, as much as we did! 
We’d like to introduce our very new segment, Brand Spotlight, where we get to know the story behind our favourite brands and designers making the products we all love! Prepare yourselves to be charmed by this week’s Brand Spotlight - Classiky!