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Scribble & Dot Pen Test + Review

Scribble & Dot Pen Test + Review

This year, one of our main focuses has been to find a variety of brand new bullet journals to offer our customers! We've been busy looking for quality bullet journals to add to the shop with varying features to suit your bullet journaling needs. Introducing Scribble and Dot! Our new fave dot grid journal brand!

We've done a few pen tests in the Scribble & Dot Journal and we're happy with the results! We can't wait to show you our review on Scribble & Dot Journals. Read on to find out more about Scribble & Dot Journals and why we love them.

Scribble & Dot Review and Pen TestStats:
Scribble & Dot Bullet Journals are a UK based stationery brand.
Size - A5
Cover - Durable vegan cover. Each design has a different feel and texture. The Honey Bee cover is textured like honeycomb.
Paper - 160gsm dot grid ivory, thick paper.
Dot Grid - Subtle light grey dot grid design with 5mm spacing.
Binding - Thread bound, opens flat 180 degrees.
Pages - 180 Pages.
Features - includes numbered pages with an index section at the front, back pocket, dual page marker ribbons, pen holder, extra thick elastic band closure, and key and pen test pages.

Scribble & Dot Bullet JournalWhat we love about Scribble and Dot:

Scribble & Dot Cover Designs
The cover materials are unique to each design, featuring different textures that give the journal a luxurious feeling. The Dachshund design has a feel of linen, the bee has a lightly padded cover that is like suede and the honey bee cover design is textured in a way that is reminiscent of honeycomb. It's these details that make these journals feel high quality from the get-go. The covers feel sturdy and like they will last for a long time. The best part is that the covers are all vegan!

Scribble & Dot Cover DesignScribble & Dot Paper Quality
Scribble & Dot designed these journals with high quality paper in mind. The thick 160gsm ivory paper is resistant to bleeding, rough erasing and shadowing. This paper feels smooth to touch. We also love the subtle dot grid, that acts as a light guide rather than a dominating feature on the page.

Scribble & Dot Journal Pen testScribble & Dot Pen Test:
We tested a range of gel pens, brush pens, a fountain pen and a paint pen on the Scribble & Dot journal with great results! There was no bleeding, ghosting or shadowing to the other side of the page. The thick paper held the ink well and lets the user use both sides of the page. We found the paper particularly smooth to write on using the fountain pen. Count this paper as fountain pen approved!
Scribble & Dot Pen Test
Scribble & Dot Journal Uses
Scribble & Dot journals make great art journals due to the subtle dot grid that doesn't dominate the page. Your artwork will pop in photos without showing the dot grid. Due to the thick paper, Scribble & Dot journals are compatible with a range of art pens, paint pens, brush pens and mixed mediums. They can also handle some watercolour, however be mindful not to overload the page with too much water as it is not watercolour paper.

Scribble & Dot Journals also make great bullet journals due to their compatibility with a wide range of gel pens, fountain pens, brush pens etc without bleeding to the other side of the page. This makes them perfect for double sided journal writing! The thick journal pages can also handle collage and junk journal techniques such as glue tape and layering of collage elements. The thick sturdy cover designs will help hold your journal together with a strong foundation.

Scribble & Dot Pen TestScribble & Dot Planners
Scribble & Dot also have a range of planners that have 140gsm top-grade paper (that's thicker than most!). The planner has pages for a yearly overview, followed by 12 monthly spreads and 52 weekly spreads. It also has pages for habit trackers / financial plans / travel / birthdays.

What we think!
We'd love to use the Scribble & Dot Journals for bullet journaling, art journaling & sketching, hand lettering, diary writing, collage & junk journaling due to the thick, high quality paper that is resistant to bleeding and ghosting and the subtle dot grid. We'd pair a Scribble & Dot Journal with a pack of brush pens, a fountain pen or our favourite matching stickers!

What would we use our Scribble & Dot Bullet Journals for?
Shannon: As a planner for important stationery business!
Bec: As a reading journal to use my fountain pens in.
Emily: Hand lettering, Sketching, Art Works.

Which Scribble & Dot Covers would we all choose?
Shannon: A5 Undated Planner - Blush Pink
Bec: Honey Bee
Emily: Dachshund

You can shop our full range of Scribble & Dot Journals here!

Scribble & Dot Bullet JournalHave you tried out a Scribble & Dot Journal? What cover did you pick? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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