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How to Write a To-Do List That You'll Stick To!

How to Write a To-Do List That You'll Stick To!

Are you a list writer? Do you find yourself writing lists all of the time but not actually getting all of the things done? Don't let your to-do list overwhelm you. We've discovered the art of writing the perfect to-do list!

The key to writing a to-do list that you'll actually stick to is all in the planning and prep. We know how hard it can be to stay motivated and approach those tasks that you've been avoiding and procrastinating about for weeks!!! Read on for 8 tips on how to write a to-do list that you'll stick to, as well as our favourite to-do list stationery supplies!
How to write a to-do list that you'll stick to!

How to Write a To-Do List That You'll Stick To:

1. Keep it achievable
How many tasks can you actually action today/this week/this month? You may only have time for 6, or maybe even 1. It's important to consider how long each task will take and if you have time to do it today. If you don't, when will you have time? A shorter list will always be more achievable and will give you less options to procrastinate over finishing your priority to-do items.

Brain dump bujo
(Brain Dump Bujo Spread via @vividscribbles on Instagram) 

2. Brain Dump
Don't let distracting ideas and tasks get in the way of your to-do list. Keep a separate page for less important or urgent ideas and tasks that keep popping into your head. This way you can plan them out later when you have time and after you have prioritised your to-do list. 

Important Urgent Matrix
(The Eisenhower Matrix or Urgent-Important Matrix via @theminimalbujo on Instagram.)

3. Decide on your top priorities
Have you ever heard of the Eisenhower Decision Matrix or the Urgent-Important Matrix. If you're having trouble deciding which tasks are your top priority, try this matrix! The Urgent-Important Matrix is designed to help you work out which tasks are important, urgent, important and urgent or neither. For example you may have a really important task that is weighing on you, but you realise it is not an urgent task, so this may be done at a later time. 

to do list tips(Brain Dump Bujo Spread by @cynthiabujo via Instagram)

4. Overwhelmed by too many lists?
Try to categorise your lists into themes and tackle each theme all at once rather than switching back and forth between jobs. This can help you to feel less overwhelmed and be more efficient. For example if you focus all of your cleaning on one day, you already have your cleaning supplies out and ready to go, rather than changing locations and supplies needed between each task. 

5. Break down tasks into smaller more specific tasks.
Unspecific tasks can be overwhelming. Instead of "start a bullet journal" you may like to break it down into the steps required to do this. 1. Research bullet journaling. 2. Purchase a bullet journal and bullet journaling supplies. 3. Create a bullet journal title page on Thursday morning. 4. Write a daily reflection and fill out your habit tracker at 8pm each evening. 
plan your to do list
(Weekly Cleaning List Bujo by @mashaplans via Instagram)

6. Plan it!
When will you do it and how much time is it going to take to complete your task? Schedule your to-do list items in your calendar, working out which days and at what time you'll complete the task. Making a plan and setting time frames will help you to stick to and complete the task at hand. 

to list writing tips
(Bujo To Do List by via Instagram)

7. What's the best way to start?
While tackling a few easy tasks first can boost your confidence and give you a feeling of accomplishment, our motivation can be limited. So, make sure you prioritise the harder tasks towards the start of your list, to avoid losing motivation before you get to them. Consider 1 or 2 quick and easy tasks to warm up, followed by the task you least want to do!

8. Get some help from our to-do list note pads! 
We have so many great daily note pads to choose from that will save you time when planning your to-do lists. Here are our favourite to-do list stationery supplies to help make things easier. 
To Do List note pads1. Just Pretending To Be Organised To Do List Notepad
2. Grumpy Cat To Do List Notepad for Cat Lovers
3. A6 Notepad - Get Your Priorities Straight
4. I Am Buzzy To Do List NotepadTo Do List Note Pads1. Sloth Slow Down Self-Care Daily Planner A5 Notepad
2. A5 Daily Planner - It's a Plan
3. Plants Daily Planner A5 NotepadTo Do List Note Pads1. A5 Notepad - Daily Planner
2. A6 Notepad Brain Dump
3. A6 Notepad - Top Priorities
4. A6 Notepad - Organised Chaos
Functional To Do List Stationery1. Plan It! Sticker Book
2. Ribbon Rewards Stickers
3. Prioritise Me Stickers
4. Brain Dump Sticky Notes
5. Today's 3 Tasks Sticky Notes

Thanks for tuning in everyone! We hope these tips help you to have a productive day! We're feeling inspired to get things done!

Do you have a big to-do list at the moment? What are your tips for getting your to-do list checked off? Let us know in the comments. 

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