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10 Ways to Use Enamel Pins!

10 Ways to Use Enamel Pins!

Hey there, stationery enthusiasts! Welcome back to the WashiGang stationery wonderland! Today, we're here to talk about our current fave fashion accessory that has taken over the WashiGang shop – enamel pins!

These delightful little pieces of art aren't just for pinning to your lapel or collar; they're versatile wonders that can add flair and personality to just about anything you own. Enamel pins are perfect for using on fabric, particularly thick fabric materials such as linen, leather, canvas or denim, as well as cork board or pin boards.

So, get ready as we take you on a magical journey exploring the many creative ways that you can use enamel pins to spruce up your life! 10 ways to use enamel pins

10 Ways to Use Enamel Pins:

1. Customisable Cork Boards

Let's start with a classic: cork boards! Jazz up your dull cork board by strategically placing your favourite enamel pins around your notes and memos. From adorable animals to quirky quotes, the options are endless! Use them to pin up your daily to-do list, this months goals, post cards, photos and weekly calendars. Organise your pins to create cute scenes or simply scatter them for an artsy feel. 

Stationery hoarder enamel pin2. Tote Bags and Backpacks

Decorate your plain old bags and backpacks with enamel pins! Use them to create a statement, to show off your unique personality or just to bring a little extra joy into your life. Create a collage of pins on the flap or sides of your bag for an instant style upgrade. Mix and match themes to reflect your ever-changing mood, and watch as your bag takes on its own unique style. You could even get matching best-friend pins with your friends! Our enamel pins would make a cute accessory to your library bag, shopping tote, or one of our Blue Q tote bags or Quirky Cup Collective tote bags!

3. Desktop Decor

Wave goodbye to boring office spaces! Transform your mundane desk setup into a vibrant work haven by adorning your stationary organiser, pencil cases, or laptop bag with charming enamel pins. These tiny pieces of art will infuse your workspace with positivity and motivation. If you have to wear a boring  lanyard to work, adding enamel pins is a fun way to personalise it! 

4. Up-Cycled Clothes

Give your wardrobe a playful look by attaching enamel pins to your clothing! Brighten up denim & leather jackets, hats/caps, beanies, overalls, jumpers, cardigans, at the end of neck ties, on suspenders and even plain tees for a fun retro look. You can also use enamel pins to secure a scarf around your neck or hat. Create a story with pins that represent your passions and interests, and showcase your unique style to the world.

I love washi enamel pin5. Plant Pot Pizzazz

Add an enamel pin to a woven basket pot plant holder, or fabric pot plant cover. Give your indoor plants a little extra love! Liven up your plant pots with adorable enamel pins that match your greenery's vibe. Add an enamel pin that will bring a smile to your face and liven up your home decor, the combination possibilities are endless!

6. Gift Wrap Garnish

Gift-giving just got a lot more exciting! Spruce up your presents by using enamel pins as creative gift wrap accents. Secure ribbons, strings or fabric wraps with pins that complement the recipient's personality, turning a simple gift into a more personal experience. 

Enamel pins also make great gifts!! Especially when paired with a pair of our matching socks. The great thing about gifting enamel pins, is that they are available in a range of unique styles, to suit all different kinds of personalities and interests. You'll find something for everyone! Cats and books7. Bookmark Bonanza

Calling all bookworms! Give your favourite novels a unique touch by adding enamel pins to your bookmarks. Choose designs that resonate with the book's theme or the characters, making your reading experience even more enjoyable. This little hack will stop your book marks from sliding down into your book. 

8. Decorate your Sewing Supplies

Use enamel pins to secure scrap fabrics and rolls of fabric, decorate your pin cushions and secure your knitting or crochet projects to stop them from unravelling. Using enamel pins is a fun way to add some personality to your sewing and crafting projects. 

9. Magnetic Magic

Convert your enamel pins into magnets! Just secure a magnet to the back of your pins, and voilà – you've got a fun collection of magnets to adorn your fridge or magnetic board. For enamel pins with a pointy pin, you may need to bend the pin flat first. 

enamel pin collection display(Image via @pennycandyhm on Instagram)

10. DIY Decorations & Home Decor

Display your pins around the house in frames or on your DIY decorations! Use a blank canvas, fabric wall hanging, embroidery hoop, dream catcher, cushion or lamp shade as different ways to display your favourite pins. Frame them individually or group them together to form an eye-catching centrepiece for your room.

Get in touch with your crafty side by incorporating enamel pins into your DIY dreamcatchers, buntings or embroidery hoops! Attach the pins to the hoops, bunting or weave them into the dreamcatcher's intricate design. This whimsical touch is a fun way to add creative decor to your home and display your favourite pins.  This unique art display will surely spark conversations and show off your eclectic taste. 
enamel pins in Australia

Best Enamel Pin Brands:

We have a range of fun and cute enamel pins available in our Australian stationery shop, WashiGang. Share your interests with pins for book lovers, stationery lovers and cat lovers, and fun, sassy quotes and statements! Our favourite enamel pin brands at WashiGang include Australian brand Jubly-Umph as well as Only Happy Things Stationery and Nutmeg & Arlo

Find the perfect enamel pin for you. Shop our super cute range of enamel pins here!

I love reading Enamel pinsThe world of enamel pins goes far beyond denim jackets and collars. So, the next time you're browsing our range of enamel pins, let your imagination run wild and see what creative ways you can find to use these fun pins. From functional to decorative, enamel pins can transform everyday items into endearing expressions of your personality. So, get pinning, and let the magic unfold!

Remember to share your creative ideas and uses for enamel pins with us. Happy pinning, and until next time, stationery enthusiasts, stay stylish and stay creative!

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