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10 Guided Journals for Self Care

10 Guided Journals for Self Care

10 Guided Journals for Self Care + 10 Journal Prompts for Self Care!

February is the month of Love and this week we're working on cultivating some more self love in our lives!

Are you in need of a little self care at the moment? Times have been a little tough lately, with a lot of changes in the world putting a strain on our every day life! We've been finding that with the cost of living rising, along with life post-pandemic, that more and more people are in need of some extra help and care lately. An affordable way to show yourself some extra love can be through journaling!

Read our latest blog with reviews on our favourite 10 guided journals for self care, as well as 10 journaling prompts for self care.10 Guided Journals for Self Care

Benefits of Journaling for Self Care:

A guided journal is a healing way to check-in with yourself, reflect and work through the challenges in your life. Journaling can also help to reduce anxiety and stress, process your thoughts and build more self-awareness.  Guided journaling can help you to change negative thought patterns and encourage a more positive outlook in your life, including improving your confidence, gratitude and acts of self-care. Plus, it's cost effective - all you need is a pen and journal! A journal that's filled with prompts and activities will also last you a long time and keep you motivated to continue with your self care journey.

Top 10 Guided Journals for Self Care:

DreamyMoons Manifest Guided JournalDreamyMoons Manifest
This journal is perfect for guiding you through your goals and creating positive affirmations. If you're feeling stuck in a rut, have imposter syndrome or have a negative outlook on life, this journal can help you to manifest a fresh outlook on life. This journal promotes self care through changing those negative thought patterns and inviting in change and new opportunities in order to reach your goals!

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DreamyMoons A Journey Within Guided JournalDreamyMoons A Journey Within
This journal is all about self reflection. A Journey Within will guide you to better understand your mind, heart and soul, by engaging your imagination and connecting with your inner child. By following A Journey Within, you will work to let go, forgive, heal and dream for the future. This guided journal promotes self care through self reflection and healing your inner self.

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Mossery Self Care JournalsMossery Self-Care Journal Series 1-3
This is a perfect add-on to your Mossery Dot Grid Journal, Planner or Twinbook. You can tuck it into the inside cover and take it with you wherever you go! There are 3 journals in the series; each journal prefaces with a different self-care topic and includes practice pages and prompts for you to explore self-care at your own pace. If you're looking for a simple daily reflection on your mood, habits and self care - this series will help you to form a self-care check-in routine. Each journal includes 1 month worth of 4 simple daily questions, habit tracker and mood tracker. This guided journal promotes self care through tracking your daily habits, feelings and thoughts.

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Self Care Guided JournalPeter Pauper Press Self Care - A Journal for Being Kind to Yourself
This guided journal is designed to be a habit forming journal, where you can keep track of your daily self-care habits each day. It includes self-care challenge pages & self-care plans at the start of the journal, as well as daily self-care pages. If you respond well to visual based evidence, these daily pages will help you to keep tabs on your well-being, examine causes of stress, check in with your feelings, and practice self-compassion. If you're looking for a simple daily layout to record your day-to-day self care and reflect on each day, this journal is perfect for you! This guided journal promotes self care through setting self-care intentions for each day, recording your daily self-care and reflecting on each day.

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Let That Shit Go Guided JournalLet That Sh*t Go
This journal is filled with activities that will guide you through letting go of what other people think of you and letting go of anger and resentment. It's filled with profanities and playful language as a way to make working through these challenging feelings more stress free and lighthearted! You may discover a few realisations about yourself and the way that you think inside this book! Let That Sh*t Go really makes us aware of how much time and energy we can put into negative feelings that don't serve us! This guided journal promotes self care through helping you to change your mindset to a more positive outlook, by letting go of your worries, grudges, anger and negative thoughts.

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Inner Fucking Peace Guided JournalInner F*cking Peace
This journal is filled with easy exercises, prompts and suggestions for taking little steps towards a more content life. You'll also find lots of profanities and humour in this journal, as a way to help you relax and have fun. Inner F*cking Peace is designed to help you find more confidence and self belief, quiet your inner critic and imposter syndrome and let go of your shame and negative self talk. This journal promotes self care by encouraging you to participate in activities that fill your life with more self care and let go of behaviours that don't promote self care.

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Present Not Perfect Guided JournalPresent Not Perfect
Present Not Perfect is a journal for slowing down, letting go and loving who you are. This journal will help you to quiet your inner critic and release yourself from the burden of unrealistic goals, through a range of guided activities that will encourage you to stay present in the moment. Present Not Perfect promotes self care through encouraging you to embrace imperfection and practicing self love.

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Your 5-Minute Journal - Gratitude JournalYour 5-Minute Journal
This journal is all about finding gratitude in different aspects of your life. It's an easy journal to use, with just a short prompt to fill out each day, as well as a short weekly reflection. It also includes a well-being challenge every 5 weeks, that encourages you with different prompts or activities to reflect on your well-being. Gratitude journaling can help you to stop negative thought patterns and set you up with a more healthy mindset. It's also a mindfulness activity that can make you become more aware of the present, including moments and things that bring you joy. Your 5-Minute Journal promotes self care through simple daily exercises to de-stress and find gratitude.

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365 Days of Feel-Good Art365 Days of Feel-Good Art
(For Self-Care and Joy, Every Day of the Year)

This guided journal is filled with joyful daily creative exercises that will encourage you to take time to let your creativity and feelings flow. Expressing yourself creatively can be healing, relaxing and encourage mindfulness. 365 Days of Feel-Good Art promotes self care through daily creativity and self expression.

Shop 365 Days of Feel-Good Art here!
Art of Mindfulness Guided JournalArt of Mindfulness
Creating time and space for being creative is an act of self care in itself! Art of Mindfulness will guide you through mindfulness drawing, colouring and hand lettering activities, that will help you to de-stress and stay present in the moment. Taking a little time each day or week for yourself to draw, colour or practice your hand lettering is a lovely way to care for yourself and prioritise time for the things you enjoy. Art of Mindfulness promotes self care through activities that encourage down-time and mindfulness.

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10 Journal Prompts for Self-Care:

1. What are you grateful for today?

2. How many glasses of water have you had today?

3. What have you had to eat today?

4. Did you move your body today and how did that make you feel?

5. List 5 things that make you feel joyful.

6. List 3 things that you're looking forward to this week! (Don't have any? Add 3 things to your schedule!)

7. Write a positive affirmation that is the opposite of a negative thought that you're having today. (ie Change "I'm so stressed and can't focus on my work." to something like, "I am getting my work done, one task at a time. I am calm and productive.")

8. Write down a self limiting belief and list reasons why this belief is untrue.

9. Write down 3 things about yourself that you love.

10. What is one kind thing I've done for myself today or can do for myself today?

Positive Thinking Guided Journal by Peter Pauper PressThank you for tuning into our blog on guided journals for self care! We hope you found one that suits your needs. Which one is you're favourite?

We've also just added a gorgeous new guided journal to the website from Peter Pauper Press called Positive Thinking - A 5-Minute Journal to Embrace Joy, Release Negativity and Live Better. The Positive Thinking journal is an easy way to help train your mind for optimism, encouraging you to take just a few minutes each day to be reflective and to cultivate a positive, hopeful mindset.

If you're still unsure of which guided journal is for you, check out our full range of guided journals here! Or, why not start your own journal for self care with one of our dot-grid or lined journals!

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