How to Improve Your Drawing Skills!

I'm not sure about you, but sometimes drawing can make me feel a little vulnerable. Many people feel ashamed of their drawings and therefore don't draw!

Well we're here to tell you that... art is subjective and unique to each person! Each artist has a different perspective and technique and no 2 drawings are exactly the same. Everyone of all ages deserves to learn to draw and enjoy drawing! Plus, the only way to get better at drawing, is through drawing more! 

Read our latest blog to find out the benefits of drawing as an adult, tips to improve your drawing skills/confidence and 10 drawing prompts to get your creativity flowing.

7 Benefits of Drawing for Adults! 

1. Improve your communication skills. 
2. Improve your creativity.
3. Increase your emotional intelligence.
4. Improve your memory.
5. Boost your self-esteem.
6. Reduce stress.
7. Improve your problem solving skills.

How to Imrpove Your Drawing SkillsHow to Improve Your Drawing Skills:

Here are a few tips to help you build your drawing skills and confidence in your drawing abilities.

1. Practice Practice Practice!
The only way to get better at drawing is to draw lots and lots! Practice drawing different types of lines and shapes, subjects and in different mediums.

2. Find Your Style
Comparison is the thief of joy. Comparing your drawings to others won't make you feel better about your drawing skills. Instead, find out what kind of drawing you like to do and develop your own style. There are so many different ways to draw. Try your hand at realistic drawing, sketching, cartoon and manga style drawing, doodling, cute characters, shading, line drawing, colour blocking etc. Creating your own style of drawing is a great way to get rid of your expectations of what your drawings should look like.

One way to practice drawing in different styles is to try drawing in the same style as your favourite artist or illustrator while you are still learning. It can help you to discover different techniques and styles of drawing while you are still developing your own aesthetic. Remember to always be respectful of other artists work and not to copy their artworks (unless it's just in your sketchbook and you're not showing anyone else).

3. Get Lessons
Take drawing classes, try life drawing, learn from YouTube, or learn from a book! We have so many beautiful drawing books in the shop that you can learn drawing from. They're filled with creative prompts, step-by-step guides and different styles & mediums to try.

4. You Don't Have to Show Your Drawings to Anyone
Sharing your drawings is a personal choice. Fill your sketchbook with as many drawings and practice drawings as you like. Only share your drawings with people if you feel confident to and remember that art is subjective and everyone has different taste in art. Some people may love your drawings or it may not be other peoples cup of tea. It's not personal! Don't let other peoples opinions discourage you from creating if you don't get the feedback that you were hoping for.

5. Be Ok with Making "Mistakes"
Making mistakes can lead to wonderful discoveries and learning opportunities. You wouldn't expect yourself to be able to run a marathon in a day. Drawing takes time, patience and practice. Making mistakes is part of that practice and sometimes you will find joy in the imperfections, such as a new technique, style or idea that comes to mind! Avoid scrunching up your paper or starting again every time you make a mistake. Try drawing over the mistake to correct it or think of ways that you can learn from your mistake.How To Draw Cute and Kawaii Things Drawing Books in Australia

10 Drawing Prompts:

If you're stuck for things to draw, here are 10 drawing prompts to get your creativity flowing.

1. Draw cute characters or things! (Find some ideas in the How to Draw Cute Things book collection)
2. Draw outside in nature.
3. Draw your day.
4. Draw your outfit.
5. Draw your meal.
6. Draw a self portrait.
7. Draw a still life from your house.
8. Draw a mythical creature.
9. Draw something from memory.
10. Draw cats doing cute things

Drawing Supplies available in AustraliaIf you're still stuck for ideas - try our favourite drawing book, The Sketchbook Idea Generator. It's packed with different drawing combos!

Best Supplies for Drawing:

Here are our favourite drawing supplies in the shop. Find sketchbooks, pencils, sharpeners, pencil cases, pens and books on how to draw.
1. Mossery Mixed Media Sketchbook
2. K'Zool Adjustable Pencil Sharpener
3. Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip Brush Pen
4. Tombow Dual Brush Pens - Grayscale
5. Irojiten Colour Pencil Dictionary
6. Colleen 120 Coloured Pencil Set
7. Derwent Chromaflow 24 Professional Coloured Pencil Set
8. Derwent Metalic Pencils

Buy Drawing Books in Australia
Need some help learning to draw? Check out our amazing range of drawing & doodling books in the shop!

Thanks for tuning in! We hope we've inspired you to do some more drawing this year. If you ever need some supportive feedback on your drawings, please share share share in our Facebook Group or via Instagram! We'd love to see your drawings and support your drawing journey.

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