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Ahoy! 'Beyond the Sea' by Archer & Olive is now available!
Ahoy! 'Beyond the Sea' by Archer & Olive is now available!
Gift Guide for Stationery Lovers - Our 2022 Staff Gift Guide

Gift Guide for Stationery Lovers - Our 2022 Staff Gift Guide

Gift giving can be so stressful at this time of year! We worry about getting the wrong gift and disappointing someone, about money and budgets and consumerism. However, gift giving can be a lovely way to share holiday cheer and treat your loved ones. Gift giving is also one way to express love and gratitude towards the special people in your life, and boost your confidence and happiness.

Well, not to fear - we're here to make gift shopping easier this year with our Gift Giving Tips and Staff Gift Guide. 

Staff Gift Guide for Stationery Lovers 2022:

Our WashiGang staff members each made a wishlist of stationery goodies that they'd like to receive as a present, to help you decide what kinds of gifts to give your friends and loved ones.
Stationery Gift Guide
Shannon's Wishlist:
Shannon loves cute patterns, nature, puzzles and stationery!

Blue Q Shoulder Tote - Rainbow
Pipsticks So Many Stickers 1000 Piece Puzzle
Colourful Crayons Bath Towel
How to Draw Your Beautiful Ordinary Life
Yusuke Yonezu Undated Illustration Diary

stationery gift guide 2022
Bec's Wishlist:
Bec loves the colour yellow, stamps, vintage style, books, puzzles and florals!

Dandelion Socks
Ivy and The Inky Butterfly Colouring Book
Bespoke Letterpress A4 Writing Pad
All The Ways to Say Puzzle - Swing
Blue Q Shoulder Tote - Library

Stationery gift guide 2022
Emily's Wishlist:
Emily is a creative person that loves all of the colourful things, drawing, dogs and cute things!

Self-Care Day & Night Reflection Journal
Pomeranian Memo Pad
LePen Flex Brush Pens
Derwent Chromaflow Pencils 24 Pack
Mossery Mixed Media Sketchbook - Spring Collies

For more gift ideas, see our full gift guide here:
Gifts Under $100
Gifts Under $50
Gifts Under $25Gift Guide for stationery lovers

7 Gift Giving Tips for Stationery Lovers:

1. Gift Within Your Budget
No one wants you to blow your budget or feel stressed about your finances on a gift for them! Washi tapes, stickers, memo pads, pens, note books & letter writing sets can be affordable gifts. Check out some of our stocking stuffers and gifts under $25 for gifts on a budget.

2. Give by Observing
Pay attention to what your friends and loved ones say and what their interests are. Listening to their needs, desires, dislikes and struggles is key to finding a much appreciated gift. For example, your bullet journaling friend has mentioned they've run out of washi tape. Or another friend is having trouble organising their favourite recipes.

3. Gift for Personality
Think about your friend or loved one's style and attitude. Are they bubbly & cheerful, minimalist, practical, witchy/edgy, eco-conscious, artsy... Ask yourself, does this gift match my friend or loved ones personality? Shop our different themed collections on the website: Pastels, Neutrals, Rainbow Brights, Vintage Style, Eco-Friendly, Art & Crafty, Witchy Vibes.
gift for your personality
4. Give for Good Luck
Certain colours, animals and symbols have different meanings. Gifting for new jobs, travel, new mums or the new year, is also a great way to send a message of good luck with a gift. For example, if you know that someone has been unwell, you may give them a gift that reflects wellness & self care.

5. Gift by Niche Interest or Hobby
If you're stuck for gift ideas, thinking about a persons interests and hobby's can help you to come up with some ideas. Does your friend or loved one like bullet journaling, letter writing, plants, the colour yellow, dogs, knitting, or roller skating? Use the search bar on our website or take a look at some of our themed collections on the website for more ideas!

6. Gift a New Skill
Gifting an opportunity to learn a new skill is so valuable and will last a lifetime! Think about how this new skill may be useful to your friend or loved one. For example, would learning hand lettering benefit their bullet journaling hobby? Or would a creative friend benefit from learning to use watercolours? Would your cat loving friend enjoy learning to draw cute cats? Check out our range of books for learning new creative skills! gift voucher for stationery lovers
7. Gift Vouchers Are Also Nice!
A gift voucher might seem like an easy gift, however it is so appreciated by stationery loving folk. A gift voucher can mean trying a new set of pens or stocking up on washi tapes and stickers. It's so much fun shopping for stationery and it's even more fun with a gift voucher! 

Find Gift Vouchers Here!

For more gift ideas check out our Stocking Stuffer suggestions, Gift Guides and Christmas themed stationery!

What's on your stationery wish list this year? Are you buying a stationery gift for someone special this year?

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