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10 Journal Prompts for Autumn

10 Journal Prompts for Autumn

It's Autumn in Australia and we can finally start using all of the Autumn and woodland themed stationery! It's time to decorate your journals with Autumn leaves and berries, hazelnuts and apples, cosy cups of tea, mushrooms and acorns and all of the warm colour palettes.  

If you're in need of some Autumn inspiration for your bullet journal, follow these prompts below. autumn themed bujo prompts

Autumn Themed Bullet Journal Prompts:

1. Create an Autumn themed journal spread for April or May using Autumn leaf stickers and tapes, plaid and grid washi tapes and warm toned pens. 
@saraah.journaling autumn bujo spread(via @saraah.journaling on Instagram)

2. Create an Autumn themed washi tape swatch page. 
Use your favourite grid, plaid, mushroom, woodland animal and Autumn leaf washi tapes! 

3. Make an Autumn themed sticker collage using your favourite woodland animals, trees and cozy items. Fill the whole page with stickers that remind you of Autumn. We love using the Postix Sticker Activity book for all of our sticker creativity. 
Autumn mood tracker(via on Instagram)

4. Make an Autumn themed mood tracker. Make your mood tracker using warm colours and doodles of Autumn leaves, mushrooms, drinks or books.Autumn mood tracker(via on Instagram)

5. Incorporate Autumn themed quotes or poems into your journal. Embracing the fall season can be a time to embrace change, let go of what no longer serves us, and find beauty in the impermanence of life. Therefore, look for quotes or poems about aging/maturity, gratitude, or change as an ode to Autumn. Write them in calligraphy or fancy lettering, or print them out in decorative fonts if you're not confident with your own writing.
Autumn themed bujo(via @ruthie.journals on Instagram)

6. Make a list of your favourite warm beverages, teas, hot chocolate, coffees etc.  Review and rate them in your journal! This can be a nice way to encourage yourself to try different types of teas at home or visit different cafes. 

7. Dedicate a section of your Autumn bujo spread to write down things you're grateful for this season. Decorate this section with autumn-themed doodles or borders.
Autumn themed bujo(via @saraah.journaling on Instagram)

8. Create a section to track the weather throughout the Autumn months. You can draw symbols for sunny days, rainy days, or windy days, and write down any observations or thoughts about the weather.

9. Write a list of Autumn mood boosters and things that you're looking forward to doing more with the cooler weather. These mood boosters can be your go to when you need a pick-me-up. Decorate the page with illustrations or stickers to match your mood boosters. Activities may include baking, reading, putting up fairy lights, having a hot chocolate, going for a walk, having a bubble bath etc. You can also review each activity that you try and rate how it helped your mood.
Autumn bucket list(via @mashaplans on Instagram

10. Dedicate a section of your spread to track the phases of the moon throughout the Autumn months. Are there any astrology predictions to look out for? Draw or use stickers to represent each phase and jot down any thoughts or observations.
Autumn bujo and doodles(via on Instagram)

If you're keen to create an Autumn themed spread - check out our Autumn themed stationery page or Woodland themed stationery for more ideas. 
Don't forget to tag us at @washigang with your Autumn themed journal spreads. 

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