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Cat Themed Divider Ideas

Cat Themed Divider Ideas

Calling all cat lovers! Do you love cats and doodling? 

Decorate your journals with charming cat-themed dividers and borders that add a dash of feline flair to your pages. Dividers featuring playful kittens or elegant cat silhouettes are a fun way to stay organised, but with cats! Consider adorning your dividers with adorable paw prints, cozy sleeping cats, or cheeky cats in boxes. Cat divider decorationsHere are some ideas for cat divider decorations:

  1. Paw prints scattered across the page. 
  2. Cats sitting on fences or ledges. 
  3. Cat paws and cat scratches. 
  4. Cat faces with different expressions.
  5. Ears and whiskers in a row. 
  6. Cute cat faces peering out from behind the divider line.
  7. Yarn balls rolling across the page.
  8. Long stretched out cats across the page. 
  9. Sleeping cats in a row.
  10. Cats and mice. 

Cat themed dividers for your journal or bujoFor borders, explore options like dainty paw prints, whimsical illustrations of cats amidst Autumn leaves, cats playing in boxes or elegant floral arrangements with hidden feline faces. Whether your style is minimalist or intricate, these designs are sure to inspire creativity and bring joy to your journaling experience. Explore the magic of cat-themed dividers and borders to whisk yourself away to a world of purr-sonalised creativity!

Try these easy cat themed divider and border ideas in your journals!Cat themed dividersWe used a Sophie Grace Creates dot grid journal (Australian brand journals!) and the Uni-Ball One Ganache and Cherry Puree coloured gel pens for these dividers.

If you're looking for some more inspo, try out some of these fun templates in your journals. cat border and divider templatesIf you're not sure about doodling, then we have some great stickers and washi tapes to try out instead. Visit the new section of our website KittyGang for all of your cat themed supplies! From cat themed washi tapes to cat themed stickers and accessoriesCat face washi tape
Happy journaling kitty cats! Let us know if you try any of these dividers in your journals and don't forget to tag us @washigang or @lovekittygang (for all cat themed content) on Instagram.

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