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Yay!!! OMG! We're so excited to introduce our first WashiGang interview for the new year!! Angela (AKA @angesplans) has been a long time WashiGang supporter and we're also big fans of her planning style! Read on and get to know a little more about Ange! 

1. Tell us a little about yourself:
Hey! Im Angela, but go by Ange! I celebrated my dirty 30 this year, and am a mother of 3. Two boys and a sassy little girl. I was born and raised in Newcastle on the NSW coast. I am a small business owner,(DJ & Photo Booth business), along with my fiance. I am Disney obsessed, and probably know the lines in every movie. I am a cat person, but am still a sucker for puppy dog eyes. I eat milo with more powder than milk, cause that's the only way to eat it. Sarcasm is pretty much a second language to me... And I am addicted to all things memory keeping & planning!
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2. How did you first get into planning:
I first got into planning by stumbling across memory planning on YouTube in August of 2019. I was afraid of forgetting all the small things my kids were doing and saying, and wanted a way to record it. It was the perfect combination of scrapbooking and journalling. 

From there, I looked more into The Happy Planner products - and found what more they had to offer. I have always loved the idea of a paper planner - but it never really stuck. I didn't know creative planning was a thing, but it just spoke to me. 

I have always enjoyed hobbies that required a flair for creativity, and this really gave me an outlet. It brought me joy. Yes, it benefited my family, but it served a dual purpose in that it was something solely for me!(You Mamas know what I mean ;-) )
anges plans Washigang3. Which WashiGang products are you really enjoying using at the moment?
*Accessory storage boxes - be forewarned, you will want to buy more product to fill it!
*White sakura gelly roll pens - great alternative to white out or for black notebooks.
*The huge range of doodling/lettering workbooks!
anges plans washigang4. Where do you get your planner inspo from?
In the beginning, I got my inspiration from watching YouTube. I found by watching others plan, it helped me to develop my own style & got great tips and tricks. Eventually I created an Instagram account, and a whole new world was revealed! Planner girls are so creative, supportive and positive. Its so fun to borrow an idea, and put your own spin on it!
anges plans washigang
5. What planner/s are you using for 2021?
I found planner peace in my'wild styled'(vertical layout) 18 month planner that started in July 2020. I will also be continuing to use my current memory keeper,'crystal vibes'(horizontal layout) for my wellness journalling, and'love letters', which is a new product for practicing your brush lettering.
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6. Do you have any tips for someone starting out with planning?
*Try not to buy all the things at once - Yes really! I know its hard when you're excited to start your journey, but your style will develop, and you will want to invest in quality items you really want to use. I won't lie, I was obsessed with buying all the washi! Wait, I still am. 
*No, you don't need a planner insta - but the community sure is fun to be involved in, and great inspiration!
*YouTube is a fantastic resource - if you want reviews on products, flip-throughs of sticker books or inspiration, it's all there waiting for you to discover.
*Do what works for you - planning is such a personal thing. What works for someone else, might not work for you, and that's ok. Experiment, and find out what it is that works for you. Remember, functionality is key. It doesn't have to be fancy if that's not your jam, as long as it works for you.
anges plans washigang
7. Where can we follow you? 
You can find me on instagram: @angesplans 
And I have recently started a YouTube Channel where you can find me under Anges Plans:
Come say hi! Let's be planner friends! 

Well, that was just so nice! We loved getting to know @angesplans and what she's been up to planning wise. Let us know in the comments - are you new to planning?  Did you pick up any tips? 

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