Welcome to our new website!

New WashiGang Website
Welcome to our brand new WashiGang website!

We’ve been working hard to give our website a sparkly new make over and make browsing our online shop more enjoyable for you!

Come on in and have a look around! Make yourself at home…

We also have some exciting new goodies to show you!!!
Aiko Fukawa Set
Aiko Fukawa Letter Writing Sets and Washi Tapes! 
Check out this beautiful collection of letter writing sets and washi tapes by Aiko Fukawa. Specialising in paper design, Aiko Fukawa is an illustrator and designer from Japan. Known for her quirky illustrations, often featuring cats, we love the way that Aiko Fukawa's illustrations have a hand drawn feel, with little details that bring a smile to your face! 

Sylvan Collection


Sylvan Letter Writing and Washi Tape Collections!
We're loving how everyone is getting back into mail writing again! The days of pen pals and hand written letters are back!
These super cute hand drawn animals from the Sylvan collection, make such a lovely letter writing set. Illustrated by Megumi Ochiai, each character series is designed to look like a scene from the lives of the animals living in the forest. 

Papergeek Collection
PapergeekCo Lunar Magic Washi Tape: Jet Black | Peter Pauper Press Celestial Clear Stamps
If you're into all things celestial, this super pretty combo is out of this world! hehe
We have added more colours of the PapergeekCo Lunar Magic Washi Tape Sets and there are so many unique shades to choose from, you should be able to create your perfect colour palette. They all pair well with our Peter Pauper Press Celestial Clear Stamps! 

Thank you for visiting our new website. We hope you enjoy your new shopping experience! If there’s anything you can’t find, let us know and we’ll be happy to give you a tour.

XX The WashiGang Team

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