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10 Stationery Gift Ideas for Father's Day

10 Stationery Gift Ideas for Father's Day

10 Stationery Gift Ideas for Fathers dayHi WashiGang Crew!

With Father's Day just around the corner, we've created a gift guide for all of the stationery loving Dad's! Do you know a Dad that loves to stay organised? Loves to sketch and is super creative? Or maybe you know a Dad that is super goal driven! We've got plenty of gift ideas for you!

We know that Dad's love stickers and washi tapes, too - but we've picked a few practical and minimalist items for this list. You can always personalise your Father's Day gift by adding on some more fun items to match - such as a pen in their favourite colour, fun dog stickers to match their fur-baby or some washi tapes to help keep their journal organised! All Dad's deserve cute stationery, but it's a good idea to have an idea of their favourite colours, themes and animals before you get carried away! 

10 Stationery Gift Ideas for Father's Day!

Kleid Grid Notebooks1. Kleid A5 2mm Grid Notebooks
These Kleid Grid Notebooks from Japan are super thin and minimalist! Perfect for jotting down notes, budgeting, daily journaling and planning in a simple and efficient way. We love how portable these notebooks are for the every day.

The paper is known in Japan as "OK Fools Paper" with a watermark unique to Japan's finest writing paper. It handles most inks well but is better suited to ballpoint and gel ink pens rather than wetter inks such as fountain pens.

The perfect gift for a minimalist! You could pair this gift with a Zebra Sarasa Gel Pen or a Pentel Energel-X Gel Pen.

Shop Kleid Grid Notebooks here!

2. MiGoals Progress Journal
Designed in Melbourne, Australia, the MiGoals Progress Journal is the perfect gift to help someone work towards reaching their goals! With handy tips, prompts, daily task tracking, reflections and monthly progress reviews, they'll be making huge leaps towards their dreams in just 90 days!

We also love that it features goal setting worksheets, daily spreads, review pages, daily to-do lists and nightly & monthly prompts to stay focused and keep the momentum going.

This Progress Journal is also fountain pen friendly, so it would make a great gift paired with a fountain pen.

Shop the MiGoals Progress Journal here!

MiGoals Notebook and Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen3. Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen
The Preppy Fountain Pen is a great fountain pen for beginners. Made in Japan, it's easy to use, smooth to write with and comes in a variety of colours and nib sizes. A great gift for the Dad that loves to write or someone that has to sign their name a lot at work!

This gift will last a long time, with a sturdy stainless steel nib, refillable ink and a special feature that keeps the pen from drying out due to the Platinum's "Slip Seal" cap mechanism.

Shop Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens here!

Leuchtturm1917 Change Journal and Zebra Sarasa Push Clip Gel Pens4. Leuchtturm1917 Change Journal
The Leuchtturm1917 Change Journal contains 24 effective and simple methods which can help you to improve your own productivity and organisation.

If you know a Dad that likes to be super organised or is keen to be more productive, or is a bit of a perfectionist, this might be the perfect gift!

With 24 different methods to incorporate into your daily routine, each chapter begins with an overview of the theory followed by simple exercises or journaling prompts to put the theory into practice. From digital detox to habits such as saving or saying no, there are lots of exciting ways to discover and strengthen one’s own potential.

Shop Leuchtturm1917 Change Journals here!
Mossery Twinbook Undated Planner and Notebook5. Mossery Twinbook
The Mossery Twinbook is the ultimate practical planner, with half undated planner pages and half dot grid notebook pages. The Mossery Twinbook is customisable, convenient and great for taking with you wherever you go!

It includes monthly calendars, weekly planner pages, personal pages (inspiration boards, priorities, values & goals and an 8 month habit tracker, plus dot grid notebook pages! The Mossery Twinbook is also refillable and is made from FSC-Certified paper made in Italy. It's suitable for most fountain pens, brush pens and ballpoint pens.

This is such a great planner gift, as it's so versatile and can be used at any time of the year. It would also make a wonderful gift paired with a ballpoint pen!

Shop Mossery Twinbooks here!Mossery Sketchbook & Derwent Chromaflow Pencils
6. Mossery Sketchbook
For the creative person, this Mossery sketchbook is a great companion! The lightly textured pages are perfect for lots of mediums, including mixed media, water colour, brush pens, pencils etc. The pages are refillable, so there's no fear in filling the notebook with sketches!

We recommend pairing this gift with a set of brush pens, a Fudenosuke Hard Tip or Soft Tip Brush Pen or a set of Derwent Chromaflow Pencils.

Shop Mossery Sketchbooks here!
Karin Brushmarker Pro Brush Pens7. Karin Brushmarker Pro Brush Pens
The ultimate art pens - Karin Brushmarker Pro Brush Pens are so vibrant, come in a wide variety of colours and are great for hand lettering, art journaling and creating artworks. Due to the wet nature of the ink, they can be used in a painterly way, blending together with ease to create a water colour effect!

The thick and flexible brush nib can create lines in a variety of thicknesses depending on the angle and pressure used with the brush pens.

We recommend using a thick paper with these pens, such as an Archer & Olive Notebook, Mossery Sketchbook or water colour paper.

Shop Karin Brushmarker Pro Brush Pens here!
Derwent Chromaflow professional quality pencils8. Derwent Chroma Flow Pencils
The Derwent Chromaflow Pencils are professional quality coloured pencils. The soft core colour pencils are highly pigmented with striking vibrancy that stands out even on dark paper! These would make a lovely gift for the Dad that loves to sketch, doodle and draw!

Pair them with a blank page Archer & Olive Notebook or a Mossery Sketchbook for a creative gift.

Shop Derwent Chromaflow Pencils here!

9. Rhodia Dot Grid Journal
The Rhodia Dot Grid Journal has a soft cover, is quite thin and flexible and is super portable for notetaking, journaling and planning on the go! The perfect classic notebook, the Rhodia Dot Grid Journal comes in a range of colours.

Pair with a pen to match, such as the Zebra Sarasa Pushclip Gel pens!

Shop Rhodia Dot Grid Journals here!

Rhodia Rhodiarama Dot Grid Notebook and Zebra Sarasa Push Clip Gel Pens10. Zebra Sarasa Pushclip Gel Pens - Vintage Colours
The Zebra Sarasa Pushclip Gel Pens are smooth-flowing, fast drying and deliver consistent, crisp lines. The pen has a rubber grip for comfortable writing and a strong clip to securely fasten the pen to your pocket or notebook.

They contain water-based pigment gel ink and come in a range of retro-inspired colours, for colour coding your notes & planner or just mixing things up!

Shop Zebra Sarasa Pushclip Gel Pens here!

Still looking for more ideas? Check out our Gifts For Him page on the website!

For the WashiGang Dad's out there! We'd love to know what kind of stationery that you'd like to see in the shop? Let us know in the comments!

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