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Tips & Tricks: Sticking to new habits & goals in 2022!

Tips & Tricks: Sticking to new habits & goals in 2022!

With 2022 in full swing, our dreams of forming new habits and fresh new outlooks on life are already starting to dwindle... But we're not giving up yet and neither should you!!! We can do this!!! 

First of all, the whole idea of having to change and reinvent yourself every year is a bit silly. It's also ok to keep doing what you're doing, if you've got a good thing going! However, the symbolism of a new year can really help to spur on change if that's something you've been wanting to do for a while! sunrise new year new goals
What kind of changes and new habits are you hoping to form this year? 
The WashiGang team are all thinking about fresh new habits. Shannon is trying to drink more water and find more calm and down time in her life, including some meditation! Emma is cutting back on caffeine, sugars and alcohol for a new healthy outlook. Emily wants to make more time for creativity in her life and she also wants to learn how to do a hand stand! Bec is attempting to get back into daily journaling, to debrief after each day and get her feelings out. Lisa is going to go to the gym every day! (We're not sure if she's kidding with us, but go Lisa!!!!) And we all want to spend less time on our phones this year!! (Who else is with us?)
habits and goals for 2022
To help us all out, we've collected a few tips and tricks for forming new habits and getting them to stick:

1. Try a 30 day challenge! Doing something every day for 30 days is a great way to get started on a new challenge, make a commitment and get a new habit stick. You might find that you love your new habit so much, that you keep going after 30 days!

2. Get a buddy to join you and help hold you accountable! Meet a friend for a regular walk, journaling date or if you have different goals - check in on each other's progress along the way!

3. Set reminders! Put reminders in your planner or journal, or set an alarm in your phone so you don't forget to do the thing! planning goals and habits for 2022
4. Be consistent. Setting a time every day or specific day of the week, is a great way to remember your task and keep your commitment a priority. If you know you'll be doing something at 8am every Wednesday, you can schedule your other plans around it, instead of always trying to find some time to fit in your task. 

5. Keep it simple. If your goal is to exercise more, narrow it down to a task that is both clear and achievable. Such as, going for a walk every morning at 8am. You can always build on your habits to achieve your overall goal of more exercise, once you've set a good routine of walking every morning. Journaling habits and goals for 2022
6. Instead of giving something up, why not replace it with something else? Every time you feel like scrolling your phone, why not read a book or write in your journal. Or plan a digital detox with some alternative activities? 

7. It's ok to be imperfect! If you forget or don't do the thing, try and problem solve.

What do you need to do to help make this task easier?
Can you try a different way?
Can you try it at a different time of day? 

8. Write down the benefits of the habit change. Every time you start to doubt yourself or feel lazy, have a look at your reasons for changing your habits. It might be for a larger goal, such as supporting your mental health or being more engaged with your family.habit tracker
9. Track your habits! Tracking keeps you accountable and helps you to notice patterns of when and where you're struggling to do a task. You might find that it helps you to come up with some solutions, such as getting takeaway on Wednesday nights, so that you have more time to fit in your task.

10. Enjoy doing it! Make sure you are picking a habit that brings you joy, or find a way to make it enjoyable. For example, if you're starting an exercise habit, it doesn't have to involve going to the gym or a gruelling boot camp class if that's not your jam! But it could mean starting up roller skating, hula hooping, or going on more bush walks with friends! And don't forget to make planning fun with all of the cute stickers, pretty washi tapes and bright coloured gel pens & brush pens!! New habits and goals for 2022
Still need a little help? 
Stationery is here to save the day (your perfect companion to habit tracking and goal setting):
Habit Tracking
1. Leuchtturm 1917 Change Journal - Sage
2. MiGoals A5 Progress Journal - Soft Pink
3. Kuretake Zig Clean Colour Dot Markers - 12pk
4. Rhodiarama A5 Soft Cover Dot Grid Goal Book - Burgundy
5. Happy Planner Value Pack Stickers - Good Habits
6. Classic Happy Planner Guided Journal - Girl With Goals
7. Happy Planner Classic Note Paper - Wellness Mood Tracker
8. My Journal Mini Habit Tracker Stickers
9. My Journal Stickers - Emoji Decoration Stickers 
10. Pine Book Co Habit Tracker Memo Pad - Toy Poodle

We're so excited for our new habits for 2022! Let us know how you go with your progress and if you have any tips or tricks that you'd like to add. We need all the help we can get! 

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Laurelle Martens - February 3, 2022

could you please give advice or an example of how to do a journal or Diary or something for a Fulltime working mum with a Special need young Adult and Husband with Mental health and aging mum – so I can stay on top of things or any suggestion or advice on how to make things a little easy for me – thanks Laurelle

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