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10 Mindful Activities to do at Home!

10 Mindful Activities to do at Home!

Hi WashiGang Crew!!

We've been wanting to get away from scrolling on our phones or binging tv shows at home lately!!! Do you ever feel a bit lacklustre after sitting in front of the tv all night or scrolling your phone all weekend? Us too!!! Is there such a thing as technology burnout?

So we've been thinking it's time to find some more activities to do at home that are calming, mindful and creative! Instead of binging tv and scrolling our phones ALL THE TIME, we're having a bit of screen free time this month. We've also heard that screen-free time before bed can help you sleep better! Are you keen to join us for some Mindful Activities at home? Here are our top 10 Mindful Activities to do at home!

10 Mindful Activities To Do At Home:

1. Puzzles!
Did you know that the concentration required to put together a puzzle can improve short-term memory and problem solving? Doing puzzles on the regular, can exercise your mind, spark imagination and increase your creativity and productivity! The beauty of a puzzle is that you can also do a puzzle with a friend or by yourself! We love putting on a favourite movie in the background, a podcast or some relaxing tunes.

Have you ever tried the pick up your puzzle challenge? It looks so scary!! Basically it involves sliding your puzzle off the table quickly by holding one end of the puzzle and then lifting it up without breaking the puzzle!

We have just added some BEAUTIFUL new puzzles from All the Ways to say, to our shop! They feature hand painted illustrations and are perfect for the plant lovers out there... plus so many shades of green to try and put together!

Check out our brand new puzzles from All the Ways to say, or shop our whole range of puzzles here!Puzzles
2. Doodling in your journal!

Doodling is such a great way to relax when you're feeling stressed or anxious! Whether it looks like something or is just scribble, studies have shown that doodling lowers stress.

Sometimes doodling gets a bad wrap (especially from class room teachers), but did you know that it can actually improve your memory recall and concentration, whilst keeping you alert during a boring task. Doodling is a meditative process that helps you to reflect on the information that you've learnt. So, this might be the perfect time to put on a Ted-Talk, Spanish lessons or an audio book!

We love the Mossery sketchbook for doodling or try one of our Blank Page Notebooks! Our fave pens are the soft tip and hard tip Fudenosuke Brush Pen or the Dingbats Atopens. Or you might prefer to doodle with pencils or a gel pen!

Not very confident with your drawing and doodling skills? We have lots of fun doodling books to spark your creativity and get you in the flow. Doodling
3. Start a Reading Journal
Reading journals are a great way to get you more involved in reading books!
Make a reading list, write book reviews or give 5 star ratings, hand letter your favourite book quotes, create reading goals and track your progress, rank your favourite books and authors, have a go at doodling some of your favourite characters or book scenes, or reflect on what you've learnt from books. There are so many fun ways to journal about books, that help to give you a deeper meaning from what you're reading.

Plus, it's a great way to nerd out with all of your favourite books and book themed stationery!

Find lots of reading journal supplies here!  Check out our blog on how to start a reading journal here! Or read our blog on the benefits of journaling about books, including reading journal prompts and supplies.Reading Journal for mindfulness
4. Colouring in
Colouring in is so relaxing and the great thing is, you can do it while listening to your favourite music or podcast. It's also a great activity to do whilst hanging out with the family or a friend, as you can still be engaged in conversation while you colour (if you want to!).

Colouring in has so many benefits! It can reduce stress and anxiety and improves focus, by taking you into a similar state to meditation and reducing the thoughts of a restless mind. So if your brain is buzzing after a busy day at work, try some colouring to wind down!

Colouring also improves your motor skills and uses both the logical and creative sides of the brain!

Improve your sleep at night by colouring before bed instead of going on your phone! The light emitted from your phone can disturb the sleep hormone, melatonin. Start a new bedtime ritual where you reduce your stress and avoid screen time before bed with colouring!

We have so many great colouring supplies in the shop, we recommend the Dual Colour 2 in 1 Colouring Pencils, our range of Derwent professional quality pencils, the Kutsuwa Culicule retractable coloured pencil sets, our range of Tomwbow Dual Brush Pens and the Mildliner Brush pens for colouring in! You can also shop our range of colouring books for adults here!Colouring for mindfulness5. Stamps
Stamping is a fun way to explore your creativity and is great for those who are not confident with drawing. Exploring your creative side helps to build confidence, boost your self-esteem, improve your mood and your cognitive function.

Stamps making drawing lines, check boxes, tables and borders simple in your bullet journal. We also love how versatile stamps are for not only using in your journals, but also for making gift tags and cards!

These finger ink pads are super fun to use! Or we have a large range of Versa Magic Chalk Ink pads in different colours. Shop our large range of clear stamps or check out our BRAND NEW wooden stamps in the shop - they're so sweet!

Stamping for mindfulness
6. Learn Hand Lettering
Learning hand lettering will take your planning and bullet journaling to a new level! Think of all of the title pages, headings and fancy quotes you'll be able to add! If you're not motivated to work on projects for yourself, work on hand lettered gifts for the people in your life. DIY your own cards, signs, gift tags, place cards, invitations and menus to give gifts and events a personal touch!

Hand lettering is a great creative outlet for those that prefer the written word to doodling. It will improve your fine motor skills, hand writing and communication skills! Learning a new skill is great for your mental health, memory and has a positive impact on your self-esteem and confidence!

Our favourite pens for hand lettering are the Tombow Fudenosuke pens or our beginner lettering set. Shop our range of hand lettering essentials and hand lettering books and start your new skill! Lettering for mindfulness
7. Follow a Guided Journal
Guided journaling is a great way to journal about topics that you're not really familiar with, or if you're struggling to think of your own journaling prompts. There are lots of different types of guided journals such as gratitude journals, journaling for wellness, tarot journals, spell books, art journals, goal setting and guided bullet journals!

Guided journals are great for helping you to achieve an end goal at the end of the journal, such as letting go of perfectionism, achieving a goal, finding gratitude or helping to manage your mental health. It takes the pressure out of thinking of prompts and questions for yourself in a fun and easy way by helping you to follow along with questions and activities.

Guided journals are great at home mindful activities that get you focused on a task and away from the tv or scrolling on your phone!

Shop guided journals here!Guided Journal for mindfulness
8. Water Colour Painting
Water colour painting has to be the most soothing paint medium out there. It's perfect for rainy days, with drippy wet paint and the sound of rain on the windowsills... it's absolutely dreamy. The main thing to remember when water colour painting is - which is my paint cup and which is my tea cup? Don't get these two mixed up... There's something about a tea cup that just makes you want to put your paintbrush in it. But just say, NO!

The medium of watercolour can be unforgiving, as it's not the sort of paint where you can paint over a mistake. We love that this paint makes you let go of perfectionism and embrace the little imperfections in your creations! It also requires a lot of patience, which helps you to embrace the calm in your day. We recommend putting on a podcast or some music and having a few paintings on the go while you wait for sections to dry!

Our favourite journals for water colour are the Mossery Sketchbook or the Dingbats Pro Journal. Check out our full range of water colour palettes and water brushes here! Or if you need a little guidance, we have some wonderful books on using water colours in the shop!
Watercolour for mindfulness
9. Find your creative side with an art journal!
If you're feeling bored with your regular planning and journaling and are looking for a creative outlet - starting an art journal might help you to express yourself creatively!

The benefit of art journaling is that you don't need to share your creations with anyone else, if you don't want to. Your art journal can be a personal place to express yourself and work through your thoughts and feelings in a visual format, or to help you explore the world around you!

There are also no rules - you can't get this wrong!

The process of art journaling can be very beneficial if you are working through trauma or stress and you can also make it anything you want! Whether you like to collage with stickers, washi tape and stamps, or if you prefer to use paint and brush pens, it's a space for you to be free with your creativity.

Art journaling can be a zen activity where you zone out into your own world and into a meditative state. It's such a relaxing activity. Through creating regularly in your art journal, you can improve your art skills and eventually develop your own style! 

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed and don't know what to put on the blank page, we have some beautiful guided art journals with lots of prompts and ideas to help you get started! Why not try a 365 day art challenge, an Idea Generator, Draw Every Little Thing in your home and life, or try the Poketo Creativity Journal to get your creative juices flowing! Art journaling for mindfulness
10. Writing in your gratitude journal!
Writing in a Gratitude Journal or creating your own Gratitude Journal is a wonderful daily practice for noticing the good in the every day. If you're often feeling negative, are anxious, or find yourself complaining often, a Gratitude Journal might just change your mindset around! By looking for the things you are grateful for each day, you can help to foster a more positive mindset!
Gratitude Journaling can also help to reduce anxiety, by reminding you there are things to look forward to and that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

Gratitude Journaling can also improve your self-esteem, by reminding you of the things that you can do that you're grateful for and that your actions can have positive outcomes.

We have some beautiful gratitude journals in the shop with prompts for writing down what you are grateful for, check them out! Or you can start your own gratitude journal with one of our beautiful notebooks or journals! We recommend using the Rhodiarama Soft Cover Notebook or a Bespoke Press Lined Notebook or a Central 23 Notebook for creating your own daily gratitude journal.

Gratitude Journaling can also improve your relationships with others, as you become more aware of the little things the people in your life do for you, that you might often take for granted.

Don't forget to add fun stickers, use colourful pens and washi tapes to keep the positive vibes flowing. Shop our range of Gratitude Journals, Notebooks and Bullet Journals here! Gratitude Journaling for mindfulnessThanks for reading our blog on 10 Mindful Activities to do at Home! What other mindful activities do you like to do at home? Do you think you would benefit from some screen-free time? We also love to tend to our plants, practice yoga and stretching and try out other mindful crafts such as knitting!

Next time it's raining outside, you're stuck at home sick, the weather is too cold to go out, or you're looking to wind down after work, why not try one of these mindful activities instead of heading straight to technology to zone out!

Let us know if you try one of our Mindful Activities and how it made you feel!

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