Best Stationery for Halloween - Our Staff Picks!

Hi WashiGang Crew!

Halloween is almost here and the WashiGang shop is filled with spooky and witchy stationery! It's the perfect time of year to embrace your wicked side and get creepy in your planners and journals. We've picked our favourite Halloween and witchy themed stickers, washi tapes and stationery! Read on for more!
Best Stationery for Halloween - Staff Picks

Best Stationery for Halloween - Our Staff Picks!

Halloween Stickers and Washi Tapes
Shannon's Staff Picks:

Shannon picked a Day of the Dead - Día de los Muertos theme, with floral calaveras and flowers! We're shaking in our bones for this peach, pink and orange colour palette. Shannon is bringing us all back from the dead with this Halloween combo!

1. The Happy Planner Value Pack Stickers - Halloween
2. Halloween Pattern Washi Tape
3. Floral Calaveras Stickers by Pipsticks
Halloween Washi Tape

Witchy vinbes stationeryKaylene's Staff Picks:

Kaylene picked a witchy vibes 2023 Daily Planner from DreamyMoons. The dark green and gold foil is giving us spell book realness! Kaylene continued the green theme with a Witchy Vibes Forest Green washi tape set and a black ink pen for writing down spells and wicked thoughts! Stay out of the spooky forest, or you'll find Kaylene's witches cottage and her Halloween staff picks!

1. 2023 DreamyMoons Daily Planner
2. Fox & Cactus Holo Foil Witchy Vibes Washi Tape Set - Forest Green
3. Pentel Energel-X Gel Pen - Black2023 Daily Planner DreamyMoons

Halloween stationery orangeBec's Staff Picks:

Bec is a stamp collector, so was naturally drawn to this Halloween stamp sticker set. Bec has also picked a goal book for her wicked plans to take over WashiGang, which matches the fluorescent orange colour palette perfectly. This combo is giving us bright pumpkin awakening on Hallow-eve.

1. Rhodia Goalbook - Black
2. Gelly Roll Gel Pen - Orange
3. Night Sky Bats Washi Tape
4. Spooky Stamps Stickers by Pipsticks
Orange Halloween washi tape

Witchy vibes and spell books stationery
Emily's Staff Picks:
Dark magic is upon us with this Halloween combo! Emily is planning a love spell and potion to make everyone fall in love with her! She's giving purple witchy goddess energy, with an evil twist! Beware, or fall under her spell! 

1. DreamyMoons Limited Edition 'Evolving' Journal
2. Energel-X Gel Pen - Violet
3. Foil Stars & Hearts Washi Tape
4. Spell Check Stickers by Pipsticks
Purple pen and washi tape
Check out the Witchy Vibes collection on our website for lots of Halloween, witchy and mystical themed stationery!

Don't forget to share your spooky planner and journal spreads with us via our WashiGang Facebook Group or by tagging us @washigang on Instagram. We'd love to see your Halloween themed planner and journal spreads!

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