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Guest Blogger: Spring Garden #Bujo Spread and Hand Lettering for Relaxation with Rox Paper Stickers

Guest Blogger: Spring Garden #Bujo Spread and Hand Lettering for Relaxation with Rox Paper Stickers

It's time for another guest blog by WashiGang fave, RoxPaperStickers (AKA Roxanne)! Roxanne has created a beautiful #bujo spring garden themed spread, including a spring garden, what to plant in spring, a recipe, habit tracker and some Hand Lettering for Relaxation. We can't wait to get in the garden and start planning!!! Get ready for a salad bowl of puns in this guest blog post:

Hi WashiGang Fam – thanks for tuning into another RoxPaperStickers post.

Ahh Spring, old friend, it’s nice to see you again. When the cold serenade of winter starts to hush, and the world stirs from its slumber, it’s time to start sowing spring veggies! This month, my theme is Gardening. I love eating homegrown vegetables, but I’d rightly give credit to my wonderful husband Sam whose Green Thumb is so green, be-leaf it or not, he could be Father Nature himself. Rox Paper Stickers Guest Blog WashiGangHere is a quick doodle of the layout of our garden bed. Close to the end of winter, we grow our vegetables from seed in little seedlings trays on top of a heat mat (except for lettuce which we sprinkle straight into the garden). Once they get big enough and the weather warm enough, we transplant our little seedlings outside. The ‘Maggie Holmes Day-to-Day Planner Stencil: Alphabet’ makes for a super easy, neat header. Add some drop shadows to give it some depth.Rox Paper Stickers Guest Blog WashiGangThere are so many delicious fruits, vegetables & herbs you can plant in spring. I had so much fun creating this spread using the ‘Happy Planner Value Pack Stickers: Classic: Garden Florals’. Since I have four delightful backyard hens at home, I could not resist using the chook stickers! I know Popcorn, Nugget, Giblet and Gizzard would be so proud. Rox Paper Stickers Guest Blog WashiGangRox Paper Stickers Guest Blog WashiGang

  • Green machines – lettuce, kale, spinach!
  • Tomatoes – our favourites are the cherry varieties for their burst of flavour – Zebra, Roma and Sweet 100.
  • Climbers – Sugar Snap Peas & Beans
  • Vines – Cucumber, Pumpkin and Zucchinis – watch out for these bad boys because they need a lot of space – last year our Pumpkin vine grew a few meters long!
  • Chili – We tend to plant these mid-Spring as our chilis do better when the weather is consistently warm and sunny.
  • Fruits – Apricots, Avocados, Strawberries will start to be in season in Spring.
  • Herbs – Your usual all-star lineup – Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Sage, Thyme & Mint. Tip: Grow Mint in a pot because they can be super invasive and spread with the speed of light. 

So, what do you do with your delicious spring harvest?Rox Paper Stickers Guest Blog WashiGangRox Paper Stickers Guest Blog WashiGangYou make a pie! Here’s my favourite Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie recipe. I typically make this in autumn, but if the Spring bounty is good, I’ll throw in chopped tomatoes, beans and replace the mushrooms with zucchini then serve it with a leafy green salad! Yum-yum!Rox Paper Stickers Guest Blog WashiGang
I just knew that my Karin Markers (from the Brushmarker Pro Brush Pen Set: 12 Sun & Tree Colours) would go impeccably with the VersaMagic Stamp pads in ‘Key Lime’ and ‘Mango Madness’. Team it up with the ‘Clear Stamps: Monthly Plan’ and you’ve got a Habit Tracker that’s easy as pie (haha see what I did there?). Safe to say, it’s been a wild year. When I was just coming to terms with 2020, 2021 hit me like a two-by-four. All the uncertainty causes a lot of worry and every person I know is Grade-A exhausted. With the silly season looming just over the horizon (‘don’t say the word, don’t say the word’), I am taking every moment I can to get some relaxation in (when I’m not gardening)! Unleashing those creative juices is nothing but PUREEEE BLISS, ahhh. Thank you, ‘Hand Lettering for Relaxation’, for all the inspirational ideas! Rox Paper Stickers Guest Blog WashiGangSo guys, I hope this post has planted the seed for your next gardening idea and if you have your own ideas to share, lettuce know! Rox Paper Stickers Guest Blog WashiGangThanks for a beautiful guest blog post, RoxPaperStickers!!! We loved hearing about your Spring gardening, baking and hand lettering. Make sure you send Roxanne some love over at @roxpaperstickers on Instagram. 

Gosh, 2021 has been exhausting! We feel for you Roxanne! We're also sending lots of love to anyone else who is feeling burnt out and exhausted this year. With these challenging times, we're wondering, what sorts of things are you doing for relaxation? Are you enjoying hobbies to help you wind-down? Do you have any spring recipes or gardening tips to share with us? Let us know in the comments, or join the conversation on our Facebook Group, where you can share your planner and journal spreads and chat stationery with us! 

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