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10 Tips to Improve Your Hand Writing

10 Tips to Improve Your Hand Writing

Hi WashiGang crew!
We were wondering, how do you feel about your hand writing? Do you love it, hate it or think it could use some improvement? Does your hand writing discourage you from journaling or planning? 

Beautiful hand writing can improve your journaling and planning spreads, making them clearer to read and more aesthetically pleasing. If you'd like to improve your hand writing, we have so many great tips to help you! Or if you'd like some tips on what to use instead of hand writing, we've also got you covered!

Read on for our tips on how to improve your hand writing, which pens to use and our favourite hand lettering books.
Tips to Improve Your Hand Writing

Tips to Improve Your Hand Writing

1. Pick the right pen for you!
If you have small hand writing, a finer tip pen might work best for you. Left handed writers will prefer a fast drying pen that doesn't smudge. Writers who have arthritis may prefer a smooth writing pen with an easy flowing ink, to avoid downward pressure on their hand or wrist. Fountain pens have a fast flowing ink that allow for writing with a looser hand grip. Or try a pen with special advancements, like our Sarasa Nano pens, with a 'Urufuwa Cushion' technology which allows the metal tip of the pen to move and bounce with you as you write, creating an extremely smooth writing experience. It may mean trying out a few pens until you find one that works best for you!

While you're improving your writing, it's also important to pick a smooth paper and place something underneath the page such as more paper or a firm backing such as a book, to avoid bumpy textures that will alter your hand writing.
@joyletters_bujo hand writting
(@joyletters_bujo hand writing)

2. Keep a relaxed grip
Keep a relaxed grip on your pen or pencil to avoid heavy and shaky lines. Gripping a pen tightly may make us feel like we have more control, but a looser grip will help you to develop a better hand writing technique and gain more control with practice. Gripping the pen too tightly will also lead to hand aches and cramps, which will make it harder for you to continue writing.

3. Improve your hand writing with drills
Practice drills on lined paper to improve your hand writing. The more you get used to creating different letters and shapes, the better you'll get. Try continuous shapes such as e's, o's, l's, m's and a's. Drill each letter per line. Practice writing your name or a simple sentence over and over, each time perfecting your hand writing.

4. Start with bigger writing
Writing much larger than normal will help you to make sure your letters are formed properly. Once your hand writing has improved, you can shrink it down again to a more suitable size.
@lilian.letters hand writing
(@lilian.letters hand writing)

5. Slow Down

There's no rush! The art of writing is a lot slower than email or texting, which has become a more natural and intuitive form of communication. The beauty of writing is taking the time to slow down and thoughtfully compose what you would like to write and how you would like to write it! It really is an art form that is starting to be lost to technology. Creating a beautifully hand written note, letter, poem, journal or planner entry, is a really special way to get in touch with your creativity in a meaningful way.

6. Aim for consistency
Examine your writing and check things like the height of your letters, length of letters and that you're creating consistent shapes for each letter.@ellensjournals hand writing
(@ellensjournals hand writing)

7. Practice doodling

Doodling often will help you to gain more control over your fine motor skills and pen movements. It can also help you to improve your pen grip and writing techniques.

8. Copy hand writing that you like
If you can't think of how you'd like your own hand writing to look, try copying a hand writing style that you like. That way you'll get more of a feel for different styles of hand writing while you are still developing your own hand writing style.@joyfuljournaler hand writing
(@joyfuljournaler hand writing)

9. Journal daily!

Starting a daily journal will give you a reason to practice your hand writing. Plus, you'll also gain the wonderful habit of journaling at the same time! Try a diary style journal, gratitude journal or even a guided journal to keep your writing daily.

10. Practice & Persevere
The more you practice your writing style, the more comfortable you'll become writing that way. Try different styles of writing and headings, write in your journal and write letters! The more you write, the more you'll improve. Most importantly, don't give up! Your hand writing may take a bit of a turn in a few directions before you find a style that you are both comfortable and happy with.Alternative to hand writing with stamps and stickersHand Writing Alternatives:
There are also some great hand writing alternatives for people that are unable to write by hand. We love using lettering stickers, washi tapes and stamps as a great alternative to hand writing! Take the stress out of headings by using fancy stamps or stickers instead! We also have a great range of calendars and to-do lists that will reduce the amount of writing in your planner or journal. You can also use stickers that are symbols to remind you of coffee dates and appointments.

Check out our range of lettering stickers, washi tapes and stamps here!

Our Favourite Pens for Better Hand Writing:

Zebra Sarasa Nano Gel PensZebra Sarasa Nano Gel Pens
These pens feature a new 'Urufuwa Cushion' technology which allows the metal tip of the pen to move and bounce with you as you write, creating an extremely smooth writing experience. Sarasa Nano also features rapid-dry ink and smear-proof technology, making them ideal for avid writers and left-handed users. Great pen for left handed writers!

Shop Zebra Sarasa Nano Gel Pens here!
Uni-Ball Gel One Gel Pens
Uni-Ball One Gel Pens
The Uni-Ball One features vibrant pigmented ink that is quick-drying and non-fading. The ink is designed to sit on top of your page rather than absorb into the paper which means little or no bleed-through on your page. Great pen for left handed writers!

Shop Uni-Ball One Gel Pens here!

Uchida LePen Flex brush pens

Uchida LePen Flex
The LePen Flex comes with a durable, flexible rubberised brush tip that is great for hand lettering, journals, planners and much more. The vivid colours are smear resistant and quick drying. Great pen for left handed writers!

Shop Uchida LePen Flex here!
Zebra Sarasa Gel Pens
Zebra Sarasa Gel Pens
Zebra Sarasa gel pens feature a water-based pigment gel ink that is smooth-flowing, fast drying and delivers consistent, crisp lines. Great pen for left handed writers!

Shop Zebra Sarasa Gel Pens here!
Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens
Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen
The Preppy Fountain Pen is a fantastic starter pen that is perfect for beginners! It is easy to use, smooth to write with, has a fun look, and comes in a variety of colours and nib sizes.

Shop Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens here!
Pilot Fountain Pen
Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen
The Pilot Kakuno fountain pen is a cute and beginner friendly fountain pen that encourages a correct writing grip. A smiling face is engraved on each nib to encourage users to hold the pen correctly, with the breathing hole ‘nose’ facing upwards, associating happy writing with happy learning!

Shop Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pens here!

Lettering Books to Improve your Lettering Skills:

These hand lettering books will give you new tips to think about the way that you write and practice your fancy lettering for headings and titles in your journal or planner. Practice different styles of hand writing and hand lettering with tips and tricks in each book.
Hand Lettering Books
1. Introduction to Hand Lettering with Decorative Elements by Annika Sauerborn
2. Hand Lettering for Relaxation by Amy Latta
3. Hand Lettering Guide Book by Megan Wells
4. Brush Lettering Work Book - Peter Pauper Press

Now, let's get writing! Even if you're struggling to make time to practice your hand writing daily, make sure you remember these tips each time you need to write in your journal or planner, fill out forms or even write a reminder note!

We hope this blog has inspired you to slow down and enjoy the art of hand writing. Let us know what's helping you to improve your hand writing in the comments!

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