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10 Journal Prompts for Music Lovers!

10 Journal Prompts for Music Lovers!

Hey music lovers! This blog post is for you.

Music helps us to connect with others, relive memories and can even change our mood. Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory. With the ability to have such a strong impact on our lives, it makes sense to journal about music!

Music Bujo Ideas
(Music Journal Spread by @raffie_journal )

Do you love listening to music? Why don't you dedicate a few pages in your bullet journal for music!

Read on for journal prompts about music and music playlists to add to your journal.Music Bujo Ideas(Music Journal Spread by @planwithleanh )

What are the benefits of journaling about music?

Music can connect us to memories throughout our life, so journaling about music can help to trigger memories and feelings from different times of your life. Music can affect our mood and help us to reflect on our feelings, so writing about music is another way to explore your emotions. Music can raise your mood, make you excited or calm and relaxed, and journaling about music can help you to better understand your emotions. Music can stimulate the mind, so listening to music while you journal can also help your writing flow. Writing about music can also help you to better understand your music taste and increase your appreciation for music. It may even encourage you to experiment with new music!10 Journal Prompts for Music Lovers!

10 Journal Prompts for Music Lovers:

1. List 3 songs that remind you of your childhood. What memories do these songs make you think of?

2. If you could take one album to a deserted island, what would it be and why?

3. What bands did you listen to as a teenager? How do these bands make you feel now?
Music Bujo Ideas(Music Journal Spread by @carlinginink )

4. What's the best concert you've ever been to? What did you enjoy about it? Relive your memories!

5. Write out the lyrics to one of your favourite songs. Do you relate to the lyrics? What do these lyrics make you feel?
Music Bujo Ideas
(Music Journal Spread by )

6. List 5 songs that you're loving currently. What do you like about them?

7. If you could play one song for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Music Bujo Ideas(Music Journal Spread by @acovetedlifestyle )

8. What's your ultimate dream music concert? Can you plan steps to make it happen?

9. What are your favourite genres of music and why?

10. List your ultimate love song, your chill-out song, a song that changed you, a song to dance to and a song that makes you happy. Think of more themes if you can!
Music Bujo Ideas
(Music Journal Spread by @saraah.journaling )

Here are our fave supplies for journaling about music!

We chose a few music themed items, but music is all about memories, nostalgia, feelings and style - so why not pick stickers, washi tapes and a journal that relates to the kind of music you love!

Items featured below:
1. Paper 24 Bullet Journal - Music
2. Pay Forward Mahora Notebook - Lavender
3. Pipsticks Stickers - Country Music Makers
4. Pipsticks Stickers - Party Mode
5. NB Japan Co. Stickers - Retro Pop
Music Journal Supplies

Add this feel-good playlist to your journal (and Spotify) playlist:

Work to Do - The Isley Brothers
Move on Up - Curtis Mayfield
Mr Big Stuff - Jean Knight
Groove Me - King Floyd
Lovely Day - Bill Withers
Love Train - The O'Jays
You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees
It's Raining Men - The Weather Girls
Give it To Me Baby - Rick James
Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing - Stevie Wonder

What songs are on your feel-good playlist?
Music Bujo Ideas
(Music Journal Spread by @grace.journals )

Put on your favourite playlist while you journal, plan, finish a puzzle, draw or colour-in! Music pairs so well with our favourite creative activities. Did you know that music influences your creative choices? Music can increase your focus and help you to be more mindful in the moment, or get in the creative zone. It also improves your mood and sparks inspiration. Different types of music can connect you to different feelings and memories and inspire your use of colour, the kinds of concepts you choose in your creations and the mood you're in while you create, which can reflect on your creations.

Thanks for tuning in! Do you listen to music while you create in your journal and planner? Let us know in the comments!

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