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NEW Happy Planner is here! Shop 2024 dated planners, accessories + all the new stickers! ❤️
Guest Blogger: Witchy vibes #bujo spreads and a doggo spread

Guest Blogger: Witchy vibes #bujo spreads and a doggo spread

Hi WashiGang Fam! Are you a witchy planner or bullet journaler!? Our witchy vibes products have been so popular this year... so that means there must be lots of witches out there getting their witchy vibes on and we LOVE it!!! Our Guest Blogger Roxanne aka RoxPaperStickers is back again with the most dreamy Witchy vibes spread. It's also WORLD DOG DAY this week and we're keen to see pics of your pet pups and your doggo spreads on Instagram and in our Facebook Group! We want to know all about your pet pooches!
Read on to get to know Roxanne's pet pup, Whip, and check out her stunning Witchy Vibes #bujo spread. 

Hey Hey Washigang fam, your girl Roxanne here with another RoxPaperStickers collab. Thanks for tuning in!

This month, I was so eager to try my hand at a Witchy vibes theme!

When I was growing up (maybe early high school), I remember being obsessed with a TV show called ‘Charmed’ and a cool movie called ‘The Craft’ (hands up if you were a fan!!). Now don’t laugh, but I believed that if I channeled my inner sorceress hard enough, I could make my friends float with 2 fingers if I chanted ‘Light as a feather, stiff as a board’. Ahhhh, the magic of childhood...Witchy Vibes spread by Guest Blogger Rox Paper Stickers for WashiGang Witchy Doodles

Guys, get your hands on the Zebra ClickArt Retractable Marker Pens in Light Colours, the colour palette is just so radiant!! It’s also so easy to work with because there’s no removeable cap – just one pen click and you’re at peak doodle efficiency. The shimmery Star Shadow Crystal stickers were a perfect addition to my doodle spread for that extra cuteness!Weekly Spread

For those new to Bullet Journalling, here is a super easy layout you can use. It’s easy to fill in blank spaces with a big doodle, a quote, washi tape (Night Sky Washi Tape) or stickers (Moon & Stars Circle Stickers)! I love ‘freestyle’ layouts, but I admit drawing colourful boxes is so satisfying and neat to look at. In the Archer & Olive BuJo, these boxes are 6cmX6cm and fit so nicely on a page.Witchy Vibes spread by Guest Blogger Rox Paper Stickers for WashiGang Playlist Spread

No joke, I have been crushing hard on the VersaMagic Ink Pads since my very first Washigang blog (sorry Kmart but I’ve upgraded my ink pad game!). Paired with the Peter Pauper Press Inc Celestial Clear Stamps, the VersaMagic Flower Pot and Pretty Pastel colours add a softness to the page.

If you had a theme song for your life that played every morning – what would it be? Mine would be Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra for how FUN the tune is and the fact that gives me good vibes right down to my bones!Witchy Vibes spread by Guest Blogger Rox Paper Stickers for WashiGang Dog Spread

My ode to International Dog Dog - Everyone, meet Whip, my 11-month-old Whippet who stole my heart the moment I laid eyes on her. She’s incredibly intelligent, loyal and full of personality. She likes long walks on the beach, eating her vegetables (she loves carrot, cucumber, zucchini and broccoli!) and sleeping under the covers. Happy International Dog Day to all the dog-lovers out there! It’s never ‘just a dog’ – it’s a best friend, a companion, a fur baby, it’s family and it’s unconditional love.

Oh my gosh! What a fun guest blog! Thanks again Roxanne!!!
If you'd like to browse through more of our Witchy Vibes products in the shop, take a look here. AAANNND don't forget to get involved in #WorldDogDay this week! We want pics of your dogs, pups with planners and of course some very cute planner & #bujo spreads about your doggos!! Woof woof!! (Harry the office Chihuahua demands it!) 

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