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NEW Happy Planner is here! Shop 2024 dated planners, accessories + all the new stickers! ❤️
Guest Blogger: Roxanne AKA @roxpaperstickers

Guest Blogger: Roxanne AKA @roxpaperstickers

Hi Gang! We're so excited to introduce our Guest Blogger for this month - Roxanne, AKA @roxpaperstickers, a Bullet Journaling queen and sticker maker from Sydney. We had so much fun reading Roxanne's BuJo tips!!! And in exciting news, Roxanne will be coming back on the regular to check in with us on her latest tips and BuJo spreads! Roxanne has done up a super sweet citrus themed spread for February, using a few of our fave products! It's so much fun!!! Read the full Guest Blog post below:

Hi, my name is Roxanne. I’m a journaler, avid gamer, cow-lover, beach-comber, plant-obsessed and mum to 3 chickens and a Whippet named Whip. I love camping, country music, dumplings and dirty jokes are my jam. I’ve been bullet journaling (a.k.a BuJo) since 2018, a love that grew out of memory keeping in diaries and scrapbooking as a young adult.

Bullet journaling for me is like meditation. It’s cathartic and peaceful whilst at the same time, stirs up imagination and gets the creative juices flowing. So here are my favourite kind of BuJo spreads:

Rox Paper Stickers guest blogger washigangHabit Tracker: 

At the start of 2021, rather than making ‘Resolutions’, I set ‘Intentions’. Whilst ‘Resolutions’ can be broken, ‘Intentions’ are more a direction that you want to move towards. With these Intentions comes habits which I believe will eventually form a better lifestyle. For example, ‘Veggie Days’ –I want to eat less meat and more vegetables this year mainly for the nutritional benefits. I try to ‘Floss’ at least three times a week because hands up who really likes dental bills? Haha yup, thought so. I’m also learning Spanish because one day I’ll be in Spain eating myself into a food coma before asking ‘¿Dónde esta el baño, por favor?’ (where is the bathroom please?).

Now the tedious thing about making habit trackers is lining it up and writing the little calendar dates over and over again til your hand starts to cramp – BUT the Peter Pauper Press, Inc ‘Calendar Stamp Set’ is such a GAME CHANGER! I whipped up this habit tracker in next to no time... and best of all –no hand cramps! Definitely a keeper. Now, the stamping ink... you’ll want to stick around because I’ll get to that later.


I LOVEEEEE making weeklies!! One of the main reasons why I moved from traditional diaries to a BuJo was because life needs a little variety. I loved that I could pick a theme of the month (like citrus fruit!) and create a different weekly look depending on how artistic I feel. The Karin ‘Brushmarker Pro’ markers in the ‘Sun & tree colours’ really makes those citrus colours pop. Contrast it with the ‘Days of the week’ black washi tape and BAM –I’ve got a high-energy, good-vibes spread! You know what else goes together like Peanut Butter and Jelly? VersaMagic Dew Drop chalk ink and the Peter Pauper Press, Inc ‘Dot journaling stamp set’!!! Hahah, no, but really!

It’s been a longggg time since I’ve used stamps in my BuJo –the problem was, the ink I was using is a supermarket brand ink pad. The stamps would always end up looking washed out. But not with the VersaMagic. I was floored at how bold the colours are! I feel like I’ve been hiding a rock all my BuJo life.

Rox Paper Stickers guest blogger washigangQuote page:

Something I’ve learnt from this collab with the outstanding team at WashiGang -there’s a whole wide world of amazing stationary out there. If you’ve got the means to do it, go and experiment! Try different mediums, try different styles, get creative! It’s the only way to grow! I really have been missing out because the worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. So, this is where this quote comes in –‘Squeeze the day’ – Let’s do more of what we love because just imagine all the possibilities when we don’t hold ourselves back.

Rox Paper Stickers guest blogger washigangProducts used in Roxanne's Bullet Journal spreads:

1. Karin BrushMarker PRO Brush Pen Set 
2. Peter Pauper Press Calendar Clear Stamps
3. VersaMagic Dew Drop Chalk Ink - Midnight Black
4. Studio Light Planner Washi Tape - Days of the Week
5. Sketchy Graph Washi Tape - Brown
6. Grid Washi Tape - Coffee
7. Peter Pauper Press Dot Journaling Clear Stamps
8. Archer & Olive Dotted Notebooks

Yay!!! That was so much fun!!  We love how Roxanne has used a few cute citrus themed quotes in her spread theme, "Squeeze the day" and "When life gives you lemons, make limoncello." Do you have any favourite lemon quotes? We realised there are so many different versions of the classic, 'when life gives you lemons'...!  

Thanks so much for tuning in. We hope to hear from you again soon, Roxanne!
Make sure you follow @roxpaperstickers on instagram.

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