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It's cat month this April! 🐈 Save 5% when you purchase any 3 items from our cat-themed stationery collection - SHOP NOW
How to Start a Memory Keeper Planner by Guest Blogger @pagesbykc

How to Start a Memory Keeper Planner by Guest Blogger @pagesbykc

Hello WashiGang Crew!! We're so excited to be joined by our guest blogger, Kobi (AKA @pagesbykc) again with some more tips on memory keeping. If you're keen to get started with Memory Keeping, we have some great tips on what you need to memory keep, how to use a planner in different ways to keep your memories and how to use a Memory Keeper.

Tips on memory planning

Hi again WashiGang Crew!
It’s Kobie from @pagesbykc. I’m so excited that I’ve been asked to write another blog post for you all! This time I’m writing about my favourite type of planning - memory keeping. There are so many different ways you can memory keep in a planner - with or without photos, creative journaling, using stickers, washi and doodles or keeping it simple and journaling. Many in the planning community are so creative with how they memory keep!

Memory keeping journal

In this post I’m going to share my favourite way to memory keep - using photos!
We all have so many photos on our phones now, that often we share to stories, never to look at again. In the past two years of Covid lockdowns, not seeing family and living through these extraordinary times, I have found it moreimportant than ever to document the everyday moments.

Memory keeping journal tips

What do you need to memory keep?

1. A photo printer is really handy - it saves running to Kmart or Officeworks to pick up printed photos. I have a Canon Selphy. It’s really easy to use and you can print straight from your phone. I also use the app print to size - it makes it really easy to print photos to the exact size to fit in your planner. I usually print four portrait photos to a 4 x 6 size photo. 

Big Happy Planner teeny flowers

2. A planner - I use a Happy Planner Big Vertical Layout, it is the easiest for me to lay out photos and stickers. You will probably also need expander discs - my planner is already getting thick and we are only a quarter of the year through!

Memory keeping with Happy Planner

3. A glue runner - to stick in your photos! These are the best inventions! 

4. All the stickers! I love the Live Love Posh and Mojo Jojo Plans sticker books. They are my go to’s at the moment!

How to memory plan

How do I memory keep?

My process for memory keeping is each Sunday afternoon, I allocate an hour to reflecting on our week. I print out the photos that I have for the week and arrange them on the page. I don’t necessarily worry if I don’t have a photo for each day - sometimes I have one big event from that week and that dominates the spread. I then pick stickers that co-ordinate with the photos or theme for the week. I have been loving all of the Live Love Posh sticker books and Jessica’s stickers make it super easy to put together a spread. This year I’ve been adding coloured boxes from Mojo Jojo Plans. They co-ordinate really well with the Live Love Posh stickers. I use the coloured boxes to journal important memories from the week. Sometimes I have used the Mambi Sticks letter stickers to spell out major events such as New Years Eve or Easter.

Memory keeping with mambi stickers

How do I use the monthly pages?

This year I’m using the monthly page as a collage spread. I stick in receipts, tickets, postcards, stickers and even burger wrappers! It is an overview of what we did that month.

Monthly pages Happy Planner tips

For the currently page, I have created my own lettered stickers and I record what we have watched, listened to, eaten and are enjoying. I also pop in a few of our favourite photos from the month. 

Currently pages Happy Planner tips

I hope you enjoyed this post! I really enjoy memory keeping as a way to document my days and record the everyday moments. It’s a really lovely book to look to flip through. Please pop over to my instagram page if you have any questions or would like to say hello!

Thanks for joining us for another guest blog post and a big thanks to Kobi for so many great tips on Memory Keeping! You can also check out our range of Memory Keeping supplies on the website. We'd really love to feature some more guest bloggers on the WashiGang blog and we were wondering, who are your favourite Aussie planner's and bullet journaler's? Maybe you follow them on instagram or youtube or love their blog - let us know in the comments!

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Kellie Lawrence - April 26, 2022

Thank you for sharing your tips Kobie. I particularly love your idea for the monthly page. I haven’t used mine yet. I started memory planning in a HP big vertical planner, that I purchased from Washigang, earlier this year and absolutely love it. I’m always inspired by your IG posts too. Keep up the great work.
Kellie aka crappy_happy_planner

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