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It's cat month this April! 🐈 Save 5% when you purchase any 3 items from our cat-themed stationery collection - SHOP NOW
Journaling Outdoors!

Journaling Outdoors!

Do you ever write in your journal outdoors? There's something about journaling outdoors in the fresh air, in nature, that just feels so good! WashiGang team member, Emily, loves to take her journal outdoors as a way to unwind, "I love taking a picnic blanket to a scenic view and doodling the afternoon away! Or even sitting outside at a cafe is a real change of scenery and gives me a new perspective when writing in my journal! I just find that the ideas flow more easily."

Journaling Outdoors WashiGang Blog

There are so many benefits to journaling outdoors:
- Being outdoors improves your mood and reduces stress levels. 
- Spending time outdoors has been known to help improve cognitive function and boost your memory.
- Journaling outdoors helps you to practice being present in the moment.
- Unplug from technology and connect with your thoughts and feelings. 
- Deepen your appreciation for nature. 
- It gives you a new perspective. 
- A way to learn more about your surrounding environment. 

When journaling outdoors, it's great to have all of the essentials ready to go! We've collected a few items that are perfect for taking on your outdoor journaling expeditions:Journaling Outdoors Blog WashiGang
1. Mister Moose Shop Australiana Washi Tapes
2. Prima Marketing Confections Watercolour Pan Set: Woodlands
3. Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Set 1
4. 100 Days of Drawing by Jennifer Orkin Lewis
5. Kitta Basic Washi Tape: Outdoor
6. Sakura Koi Water Brush: Long Tank #6 Medium Round Brush
7. Mind Wave Shibanban Outdoor Stickers 
8. Chameleon Fineliners 6pk Nature Colours
9. Archer & Olive A5 Dot Grid Notebook 192 Pages: Deep Green
10. Blue Q Wild at Heart Zipper Pouch

Places to journal outdoors?
- In your back yard with a cup of tea. 
- At an outdoor cafe. 
- At the local park.
- Take your journal on a bush walk. 
- Take your journal on a camping trip. 
- Journal at the beach. 
- Journal on your morning or afternoon walks around the neighbourhood. 
- Find a new location to journal each weekend. 
- Take a picnic blanket outside under a tree (with some snacks) and journal your afternoon away. 

Journaling Outdoors WashiGang Blog

What can you journal about while you're outdoors?
- Journaling for mental health: Journal about your feelings and track your mood when outdoors. Or, do a grounding exercise by journaling about what you see, hear, feel, smell etc. What colours do you see, how does the air feel today, what sounds can you hear? How do you feel in this moment?
- Record thoughts, ideas and insights that you have when out on walks. 
- Record your travel and camping memories. 
- Create a guide to identify plants, birds, trees, animals etc in your neighbourhood. 
- Record memories of all of the bush walks you do.
- Nature journaling - observing and recording your observations on your natural surroundings.
- Make a guide (with maps and tips) to your favourite waterfalls, beaches or natural locations. 
- Nature doodling.
100 Days of Drawing also has some great prompts for drawing and discovering your environment! 
- Or just your regular #BUJO is even better when done outdoors!

We'd love to hear some of your outdoor journaling prompts and experiences! Let us know in the comments.

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Andrea - July 21, 2021

As soon as it’s warm again in Melbourne my goal is to journal and plan more outside. Nothing better than fresh air and doing what I love. Also loving the

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