Tips & Tricks: 5 DIY Christmas Crafts with Stationery Supplies

With the festive season approaching, we thought we'd chat DIY festive crafts for your washi tape, stickers & stamps!!! We love getting crafty in front of a Netflix movie marathon, chomping down on a rum ball (or three). Read on for our DIY holiday decorations, cards, gift wrapping and gift tags:
Rox Paper Stickers Gift Tags
1.  Gift Tags:
Super cute gift tags above made by our guest blogger Roxanne AKA @roxpaperstickers 
    2. Easy Washi Tape Christmas Cards:

    Kitiya Palaskas DIY Christmas window decor3. Create window decals using washi tape! 
    All you'll need is:

    • Rolls of your favourite washi tapes
    • Scissors
    • Create a design in your Notebook
    • A clean window

    Check out this super cute DIY Christmas Window Decorusing washi tape from Kitiya Palaskas for the full list of instructions. Washi Tape Gift Wrapping4. Gift Wrapping with Washi Tape:

    • Decorate your wrapping paper with a washi tape pattern, by tearing different types of washi tape into strips or cutting it into shapes, like the package pictured from A Spoonful of Sugar
    • Use washi tape across the parcel to accent ribbon and twine.
    • Add an extra pop of colour to plain wrapping paper.
    • Cover your entire gift in washi tape to make unwrapping extra fun!

    Washi Tape Christmas Wreath5. Make a Washi Tape Christmas Wreath!

    Do you have any holiday crafts on the go this year? 
    Don't forget to share any creations you make with us on Instagram by tagging @washigang or via our Facebook Group

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