Tips & Tricks: Hygge Bucketlist

Hygge Bucket List

This month we're running a Hygge challenge with our monthly WashiGang planner & journal spread competition #MyWashiGangJulySpread We are challenging our WashiGang community to schedule in a little Hygge time into their weeks. 

Hygge Bucket List

As you might remember from our last blog post we spoke a little about the Danish & Norwegian word, Hygge, a term that loosely translates to mean "cozy." Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) is a lifestyle mantra focused on amplifying feelings of contentment and warmth. Incorporating Hygge activities into your life is super easy, because it's all about what feels good to you. Hygge itself is a loose concept, it can be whatever puts you at ease, relaxes you, or makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

Hygge Bucket List

We've put together a Hygge bucket list for you to enjoy:
1. Curl up in a cozy spot, with a hot chocolate. 
2. Grab a cozy blanket and watch your favourite movie
3. Spend time reading a book, or writing in your journal, in a cozy cafe. 
4. Make pumpkin soup (and cheesey toast)! 
5. Light candles and have a warm bath. 
6. Warm up your socks or pyjamas in the dryer before bed, for a snuggly night's sleep.
7. Make a cup of tea and use all the stickers in your planner!
8. Start a gratitude journal.
9. Make a playlist of dreamy tunes. 
10. Put up fairy lights! 
11. Have a board games night, or start a puzzle. 
12. Write a letter to a friend.
13. Start a memory keeping journal (of your friends, children, or fur children). 
14. Go on a coffee date with a friend. 
15. Learn a cozy crafty hobby, like embroidery or knitting! 
16. Make cinnamon scrolls.
17. Spend an afternoon doodling
18. Cuddle a pet or watch YouTube videos of cute animals!
19. Listen to a new podcast. 
20. Give your plants some water and love!

We love to see our WashiGang community scheduling in some Hygge time! 
Rach from @rachgotplans made a stay-at-home bucket list for our weekly #creativechallenge that we run in our WashiGang Facebook group

Rach Got Plans Stay at Home Bucket List

We also love this super sweet to do list by Jessica Francis - Planning my crazy life - @planningmycrazylife - scheduling in some cozy family time.

Planning My Crazy Life - Hygge Time

Will you have a go at making your own Hygge Bucket List? If you need a little inspo, we also have a new Cozy at Home collection of Hygge style stationery in our shop. Remember to tag us at @washigang on Instagram or share your bucket list in our Facebook Group! Now, all of this talk about cozy activities has us dreaming of a snowy view, just like this one! 

Hygge Bucket List
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