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NEW Happy Planner is here! Shop 2024 dated planners, accessories + all the new stickers! ❤️
Autumn Stationery Picks and How to Create an Autumn Themed Planner or Journal Spread

Autumn Stationery Picks and How to Create an Autumn Themed Planner or Journal Spread

Hi WashiGang Crew, it's WashiGang staff member Emily here! With Autumn just around the corner, we thought it would be a fun idea to find some of our favourite Autumn themed stationery in the warehouse. I asked everyone at WashiGang today to pick their favourites as well as picking my own faves! We're all really enjoying the change of season and it's also a great excuse to try out a new theme when creating your planner and journal spreads!

Autumn themed Spread

What are WashiGang's favourite staff picks?

We each picked 4 of our favourite Autumn themed stationery items to share with you today! We all thought about warm toned colour palettes, woodland creatures, cosy icons and Autumn themed foliage when selecting our favourite stationery from the shop!

Shannon's Staff Picks at WashiGang
Shannon's Favourite Autumn Themed Stationery:
1. MiGoals Get Shit Done A5 Minimal Notebook - Tangerine
2. MiGoals Get Shit Done A5 Minimal Notebook - Teal Green
3. MASRY Masking Tape Sticker Set - House
4. Heidi Valkola (Finland) x Saien Masking Tape - Bear & Flowers

Bec's Staff Picks At WashiGang
Bec's Favourite Autumn Themed Stationery:
1. PaperGeekCo Celestial Moth Washi Tape - Burgundy
2. Orange Plaid Washi Tape
3. Rhodiarama A5 Soft Cover Dot Grid Notebook : Burgundy
4. Zebra Sarasa Push-Clip Gel Pens - Vintage Colours

Emily's Staff Picks at WashiGang
Emily's Favourite Autumn Themed Stationery:
1. GreenFlash Dandelion Socks
2. Bespoke Letterpress Linen Bound Lined Journal - Rust
3. Atopen Dual Tip Fineliner/Brush Pens - Trend Colours
4. Mind Wave Forest Stickers - Autumn

Lisa's Staff Picks at WashiGang
Lisa's Favourite Autumn Themed Stationery:
1. MASRY Masking Tape Sticker Set - Coffee Break
2. MosseryA5 Twinbook - Half-Year Undated Planner + Notebook: Birch Forest
3. Appree Pressed Flower Stickers - Mimosa
4. GreenFlash Quill & Ink Socks

Shop the full list of Autumn Themed Staff Picks Here!

How to create an Autumn themed planner or journal spread

There are a few things to think about when creating an Autumn themed planner or journal spread, such as colour palette, theme, motifs, borders, stickers & washi tape and of course planning Autumn themed activities!!

1. Autumn Themed Colour Palette:
Choose a colour palette that represents Autumn. Think of warm tones such as orange, red, brown, mustard & maroon. Dark green and navy are also great colours to use for a woodland theme.

2. Pick a theme:
Picking a theme can help you to narrow down what aspect of Autumn that you'd like to focus on for your spread. There are so many great themes to choose from for Autumn, such as woodland animals, Autumn leaves, foxes, Autumn colours, cosy activities, mushrooms, camping, vintage style collage, cosy cafe, Autumn florals.
Autumn themed stationery
3. Pick your stationery to fit with your theme:
There are so many ways to use stationery to decorate your planners and journals. Here are a few different ways you could decorate your planner spread.

  • Create a border using stamps or washi tape. We also have cute botanical clear stamps that would be perfect for an Autumn themed spread.
  • Use box stickers to highlight important dates. Mojo JojoPlans have box sticker books in all different colour palettes, including an Autumn themed colour palette.
  • Pick stickers and washi tapes that compliment each other. For example - a bold plain colour washi tape with a patterned washi tape. Or fox stickers with orange leaves.
  • Add a few Autumn themed illustrations or stickers and place them around your spread. Using different sizes creates more interest in your spread. For example: use 1 or 2 larger feature stickers or doodles and then space out a few smaller around your spread.
  • Keep it simple! Stick to one over all theme for each spread - such as a woodland forest scene, or only autumn leaves, or only mushrooms. Sometimes doing too much can make your pages seem cluttered!

4. Plan your month:
You could pick a theme for the whole month and create a title page around the month of April (for example), with each weeks plan tying into the theme. Or you could create a different style Autumn themed spread for each week. We recommend filling your month with fun Autumn themed activities such as an Autumn themed bucket list, cosy cafe dates with friends and weekend camping trips!

Autumn Themed Stationer

What kinds of Autumn themed stationery can you use in your planners and journals?

We have a great range of Autumn themed stationery in the WashiGang shop! Here are a few tips for finding stationery that fits the Autumn aesthetic.

  1. Look for washi tapes and stickers that have woodland animals on them.
  2. Search for Autumn or Fall specific sticker books. Happy Planner and Live.Love.Posh have some seasonal themed sticker books with beautiful Autumn themed florals, pumpkins and leaves.
  3. Search for florals in fall colours, mushrooms and leaves! We stock some beautiful Autumn leaf stickers, vintage style collage flake sticker packs, muted florals and so many mushroom themed products!
  4. Find the perfect pen for your Autumn planning, like the Arcylograph Fall themed colour palette or the Sarasa Vintage Colours pack.
  5. Search washi tapes by colour palette in warm Autumn hues.
  6. Search for cosy activities and items such as coffee, cafe, jumpers and camping - these all make for planning a great theme!
  7. Have a look through our stationery collections Woodlands, Seasonal, Cozy at Home & Vintage style

Autumn Bucket List

Autumn themed bucket list prompts for your bullet journal:

  1. Find a cosy cafe to sit in while you write in your journal. Don't forget to order a hot chocolate!
  2. Listen to a podcast while you knit a scarf - just in time for winter.
  3. Make pumpkin soup!
  4. Create an Autumn themed Planner or Journal Spread!
  5. Spend the afternoon reading a book in bed.
  6. Draw some cute Autumn themed doodles in your journal.
  7. Order a chai tea or pumpkin spice late with a friend!
  8. Go for a stroll in the park.
  9. Light a cinnamon scented candle and make your home smell like a cookie.
  10. Netflix, socks & a cuddly pet.

Autumn Bucket List

Thanks for tuning in! We hope you're in the mood for Autumn and ready to decorate your planners and journals. Don't forget to show us your Autumn themed planner and journal spreads by sharing them in our Facebook Group and via tagging us on Instagram at @washigang

Let us know in the comments - What are your favourite Autumn themed stationery items at the moment?

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