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Book Genres Stamp Set

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The Book Genres Set: an extraordinary set of rubber ink stamps that will unravel the enigma of literature. Delve into the mystical world of book genres as these captivating stamps beckon you to explore the untold realms of imagination.

Each stamp embodies the essence of a different literary genre, bearing symbols that resonate with the spirit of mystery and allure. Let the stamp of Fantasy whisk you away to realms where magic and myth entwine, where heroic quests and mythical creatures roam freely. Unravel the enigmatic imprints of Mystery, where suspense and intrigue shroud every page, urging you to uncover hidden secrets.

The Historical Fiction stamp transports you through the corridors of time, where historical figures and events come alive in vivid detail. As you embrace the Science Fiction stamp, you'll venture into the cosmos, exploring futuristic worlds and encountering advanced technologies.

Whether you are an intrepid explorer of literary landscapes or a curious novice, these stamps will be your guiding stars as you traverse the tapestry of literature. Embrace the whispers of imagination, for within these stamps lie the keys to unlocking a world of mysteries and endless fascination. Let the Book Genre stamps be your companions on your literary voyage, and let the magic of your reading journal unfurl like never before.

What can I use my stamps for?

Honestly? Whatever you want! The possibilities go as far as your imagination can take you. Anything based around paper is a no brainer, but I've even heard of people using them for baking before!? Just be sure to give them a good clean if you do. Ink on your cookies? No thanks!

Here are some suggestions if you're stuck!

- Journaling
- Scrapbooking
- Letter making
- Business Cards
- Card making
- Wrapping Paper
- Baking (as long as your stamp is clean!)
- Kids activities

Oh also, you can colour them in which is also pretty fun! 


- 18 x Rubber Stamps
- Wooden backings
- Ink not included
- Original Quirky illustrations

How to use your stamps 

Stamping is easy! But there is also a technique to it! Thankfully the technique is easy to learn but just make sure you do some practicing before you go stamping in your pretty journals : )

  • Practice on some scrap paper first! 
  • Make sure the ink pad and stamping canvas is on a flat and even surface.
  • Firmly hold your rubber stamp and press gently and evenly onto the ink pad. 
  • Don't press the rubber stamp too hard against the ink pad as you will get ink on the rest of the rubber stamp. 
  • Press rubber stamp on paper with the same steadiness as the ink pad. Enough pressure to leave ink, but not enough for the edges to leave a mark.  
  • Remember to press your stamp at a completely horizontal angle so it evenly applies the ink to the surface. 

How to care for your stamps

Caring for your rubber stamps is important if you want to keep them in good knick for many years to come! Follow these recommendations to make sure you're getting the most out of your stamps. 

  • Clear the excess ink from the stamps by repeatedly pressing the stamp/s against a scrap piece of paper. 
  • Use a sponge or gentle cloth with warm soapy water to clean the rubber surface.  
  • Use a toothbrush if you need to get into smaller crevices on the rubber stamp.
  • Pat dry with a dry cloth and make sure no lint or other particles are left on the rubber surface. 
  • Store away safely away in a clean and dry environment away from sunlight.
  • Use alcohol free baby wipes after each stamp use to prevent ink build up between uses. 
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Customer Reviews

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Caroline Mortlock
Love these stamps

So happy with my new bookish stamps. They are going to make journaling so much fun!