Tombow Play Color K Twin-Tip Marker Pens - 24 Colour Set

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Play Color K Marker Pens are the Japanese edition of Tombow Twintone Markers. They are a double-ended marker that creates thick or thin lines with 2 tip choices - a broad tip (0.8mm) for bold lines or extra-fine tip (0.3mm) for writing or detailed lines. 

These pens are perfect for note taking, colour-coding, or decorating your planner, journal or notebook. Create fun doodling and lettering styles with a choice of 36 vivid colours. 

Water-based ink. Quicker drying time than gel pens. 

Colours included: 03 (Yellow), 07 (Green), 15 (Blue), 25 (Red), 28 (Orange), 33 (Black), 06 (Yellow Green), 13 (Light Blue), 19 (Violet), 22 (Pink), 41 (Chocolate), 58 (Pale Rose), 04 (Chrome Yellow), 17 (Prussian Blue), 21 (Pale Purple), 42 (Navy), 48 (Honey Orange), 49 (Gray), 50 (Lime Green), 60 (Princess Pink), 61 (Peach Pink), 73 (Sky Blue), 80 (Fuchsia Pink), 85 (Emerald Green).