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Thank you!!!

thank you
Hi WashiGang Family!!! 

We'd like to send a big THANK YOU to all of you for your support this year! 
We couldn't have done it without you! Through lock downs, border closures, moving house multiple times and dealing with lots of changes to shipping and stock due to a worldwide pandemic, it's been a year and a half!!! But...we made it!! And so did you!!! Yay!!! 

Through it all, we still managed to have lots of fun and bring in SO MUCH new cute and fun stationery to the WashiGang shop! Our little team has grown and so have we and we couldn't be more grateful for our WashiGang Community!! 

Our WashiGang warehouse is closed for a short break and shipping will resume on Tuesday 11th of January. But don't worry, we have added lots and lots of fun new stock in the shop for you to browse and shop during the break! Including all of your Undated Happy Planner needs, journals and stationery for the new year! 

We have lots of fun things in store for the new year, so stay tuned! 
We hope you're all getting to enjoy a lovely break from work, or perhaps a few lovely summer weekends if you're not on holidays at the moment! We're all in the full swing of our summer holidays.

- Shannon is planning a few local getaways and spending lots of time renovating and decorating her new pad! 
- Emily & Harry are planning lots of time at the beach and some summer crafts such as sewing, ceramics and lots of doodling! And maybe a big house clean up so it's nice and fresh for the new year!
- Bec is spending Christmas with the family!
- Emma is planning on hanging at home with the kids, swimming in the pool and playing backyard cricket and enjoying not being busy for a while! 

What's on your summer bucket list?

Summer Bucket List:
1. Redecorating the house for 2022! Start the new year fresh! 
2. Stay cool! Visit a waterfall (or a back yard sprinkler).
3. Write a summer reading list in your #bujo
4. Watermelon Mojitos! (Or an alcohol free version)
5. Write a list of your summer goals & new year resolutions in your brand new #bujo or planner!
6. Summer movie marathon. 
7. Start an art journal or try a creative 365 day challenge
8. Plan out your 2022 goals in your MiGoals Progress Journal
9. Have a pool party or beach trip with friends!
10. Use all of the fruity washi tapes and stickers and rainbow colour palettes to give your planner a fresh look for summer. 
11. Start a new letter writing practice this year!
12. Make your own icy poles and record your favourite flavour combos!
13. Start the new year with self care, with a wellness or fitness planner! You've got this! This year is all about starting better habits!
14. Air conditioning is your friend! Spend an arvo planning, journaling, water colouring, doodling or hand lettering in the aircon with your favourite playlist or podcast. If you don't have air con, visit your local library or cafe for a cool break! 
15. Use all of the summer colour palette pens!!! Use those bright juicy colours that burst from the page! 
Thank you again for all of your support and we're looking forward to seeing you in the new year! 

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