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10 Bullet Journal Prompts for Autumn

10 Bullet Journal Prompts for Autumn

Hi WashiGang crew! The cooler weather has arrived and it feels like Autumn. In Australia most people prefer to use the word Autumn over Fall (as a lot of Australia doesn't see the classic Autumn leaves that are present in cooler climates). Do you prefer to say Fall or Autumn? Either way, we have lots of beautiful Autumn/Fall themed stationery that's perfect for journaling about and planning for the change of season.

Have you been planning an Autumn themed spread in your bullet journal or planner? We have lots of ideas for you in today's blog!

Read on for 10 Bullet Journal Prompts for Autumn as well as our favourite Autumn themed stationery for decorating your journals and planners.
10 Bullet Journal Prompts for Autumn

10 Bullet Journal Prompts for Autumn

1. Create an Autumn themed bucket list.

What activities are on your priority list for this Autumn? We love Autumn camping trips, pot luck dinners with friends, picnics, journaling and spending time in nature while the weather is just right!
Autumn themed bucket list by @ambersnotebooks

(Autumn themed bucket list by @ambersnotebooks via Instagram)

2. How does the change in season make you feel?

Check in with yourself! Changes in season can prompt new feelings and ideas. How are you feeling in your body? (Sleepy, energetic, burnt out, excited etc). Does this time of year make you feel a certain way? Do you like the cooler weather and do you change your lifestyle habits at this time of year? Do you have different needs in the cooler weather?
Autumn themed bullet journal spread via @magicalbujo

(Autumn themed bullet journal spread via @magicalbujo on instagram)

3. Add a quote, poem or passage from a book about Autumn to your journal.

We love this beautiful poem about Autumn by Mary Oliver:

“Song for Autumn"

Don’t you imagine the leaves dream now
how comfortable it will be to touch
the earth instead of the
nothingness of the air and the endless
freshets of wind? And don’t you think
the trees, especially those with
mossy hollows, are beginning to look for

the birds that will come—six, a dozen—to sleep
inside their bodies? And don’t you hear
the goldenrod whispering goodbye,
the everlasting being crowned with the first
tuffets of snow? The pond
stiffens and the white field over which
the fox runs so quickly brings out
its long blue shadows. The wind wags
its many tails. And in the evening
the piled firewood shifts a little,
longing to be on its way.”

Mary Oliver Autumn themed quotes by @gem_plans.and.letters for @zpiecesdigital via Instagram

(Autumn themed quote by @gem_plans.and.letters for @zpiecesdigital via Instagram.)

4. List 5 things about Autumn that you're grateful for.

Finding your gratitude can help you to nurture a positive mindset for the changes that come with a new season. Focusing on your gratitude for Autumn is a great way to set yourself up with a positive attitude to approaching your upcoming Autumn activities with more confidence.

5. What things remind you of Autumn where you live?

Autumn in Australia can be a little different to the typical Autumn scenes we've come to know from British and American movies! The weather becomes cooler at night, but the days are usually still quite warm, with clear blue skies. Autumn themed Bullet Journal Spread via @tritopus_ on Instagram

(Autumn themed Bullet Journal Spread via @tritopus_ on Instagram)

6. List your 5 favourite warm things!

Your favourite hot beverage, your favourite warm jumper/jacket, your favourite warm meal, your favourite cozy activity, your favourite person/animal/item to cuddle.

7. What memories do you have of Autumn?

Do you have memories of holidays during Autumn, music festivals, a wedding or eating a favourite meal as the weather gets cooler? Recall your favourite memories from an Autumn of the past.

8. What do you love and hate about the cooler weather?

Use this list to improve how you cope with the cooler weather this year.
ie Don't love the cold? - Get yourself a snuggly blanket or heater this year. Love hot chocolate? Work a daily or weekly hot chocolate into your routine.
Autumn Themed Playlist via @b.bulletjournal on Instagram

(Autumn Themed Playlist via @b.bulletjournal on Instagram)

9. Create the perfect Autumn playlist or watch-list.

First song that comes to mind... California Dreaming, of course! Or maybe Autumn Leaves! What movies or songs remind you of Autumn?

10. Create an Autumn themed title page to mark the change of season.

Use your favourite Autumn themed stickers & washi tapes, or try an Autumn leaf layout, like this Autumn leaf mood tracker. Autumn Leaf Mood Tracker via @hannahkathrynjournal on Instagram

(Autumn Leaf Mood Tracker via @hannahkathrynjournal on Instagram)

Our Favourite Autumn Themed Stationery Items:

We have lots of Autumn themed washi tapes, stickers and stationery items. Take a look at our Autumn and Fall stationery here! Create an Autumn themed planner or bullet journal spread with some of our favourite fall themed stationery.

Autumn themed stationery from WashiGang in Australia

Featured Autumn themed stationery:
1. Autumn Moon Journal by Peter Pauper Press
2. Expressions of Fall Stickers By Pipsticks
3. Hello Fall Sticker Book by Live.Love.POSH
4. Zebra Sarasa Push Clip Gel Pens - Vintage Colours
5. Forest Mushroom Washi Tape

Autumn themed stationery from WashiGang in Australia

Featured Autumn themed stationery:
1. Mossery Autumn Foxes Dot Grid Notebook
2. Forest Mori Autumn Stickers
3. Clear Fox Stickers
4. Girl of All Work - Sunflowers washi tape
5. Limited Edition Zebra Sarasa Push Clip Gel Pens - Sunflower Bouquet
6. Girl of All Work - Autumn washi tape

Autumn themed stationery from WashiGang in Australia

Featured Autumn themed stationery:
1. Mossery Birchwood Forest Mixed Media Sketchbook
2. Pipsticks Trunk Space Stickers
3. Pipsticks Expressions of Fall washi tape
4. RongRong Autumn Country Sticker Book

Autumn themed stationery from WashiGang in Australia

Featured Autumn themed stationery:
1. Nature Anatomy Sticker Book
2. Tombow Dual Brush Pens - Natural
3. Mind Wave 'Metsä' Series Stickers - Kitsune
4. Mind Wave 'Metsä' Series Stickers - Risu
5. Pipsticks Falling for you Stickers

Check out our whole range of Autumn themed stationery here!
Autumn themed bujo spread by via Instagram

(2019 Autumn themed bujo spread by via Instagram)

Do you have any fun goals for Autumn? Let us know in the comments. Don't forget to let us know if you try any of these Bujo prompts.

Share your planner and bujo spreads on Instagram by tagging @washigang or in our Facebook Group for your chance to win a $20 WashiGang gift voucher! Enter as many times as you like!

If you're still looking for more Autumn themed stationery for your planner or journal - check out our whole collection here!

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